Who is Radzi Chinyanganya, Michael Barrymore's replacement on Dancing On Ice? Everything you need to know

We're excited to see Radzi on the ice!

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Although poor Michael Barrymore was forced to bow out of the upcoming series of Dancing on Ice after breaking his hand, we were pleased to see that the Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya had saved the day by stepping in the join the new line-up! We think the children's TV presenter is going to be an amazing addition to the series - how much much do you know about him? Here's all the info you need to know about the ice skating show's newest recruit... 

Who is Radzi Chinyanganya? 

Radzi, 32, is a presenter who is best known for hosting the popular children's show Blue Peter. He began working on the show back in 2013, and left to pursue new opportunities back in April 2019. Speaking about his decision at the time, he explained: "After 250 plus episodes, I have learnt an incomprehensible amount, met some game-changing people, broken a bone and genuinely given my blood, sweat and tears. I will undoubtedly miss being part of the show, but all good things must come to an end, and this has been great! So whilst my voyage on the BP ship comes into harbour, as one adventure ends, another begins. About which I couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead!" He is also a co-presenter on ITV's Cannonball, and has hosted other popular shows including WWE, Match of the Day Kickabout and Wild.


Radzi was a Blue Peter presenter before leaving the show in 2019

Who is Radzi partnered with on Dancing on Ice? 

Jessica Hatfield has teamed up with Radzi for the show, and recently shared a snap of them rehearsing on the ice on Instagram, simply captioning the post: "Training day." The pair appeared to be in great spirits ahead of the show, which also features Jessica's husband Brendyn as a dancing pro! Brendyn is partnered with Lucrezia Millarini, so we're guessing there will be some friendly competition between the two couples! 


Radzi is partnered with Jess

Why did Michael Barrymore drop out? 

Michael was forced to drop out after breaking his hand. In a statement, he said: "Shortly after shooting the… Christmas Special I took a tumble whilst rehearsing for the January shows. After the fall, I thought I had sprained my wrist but it turns out that it is broken. Unfortunately, the medics have told me that I cannot compete. I am absolutely devastated."

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Radzi was delighted to join the series

Radzi graciously said that he and his new dance partner, Jess Hatfield, would be skating for Michael Barrymore. Announcing that he would be replacing the star, he wrote: "Cant believe I'm saying this... but I am officially Dancing on Ice!!!!!!! Absolutely cannot wait to skate live on @itv with @jess_hatfield_skater, but we'll be doing it for the legend @michaelbarrymore who sadly has to withdraw due to injury." 

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