Unforgotten viewers share top theories following episode two 

We have our theories about Cassie and Sunny's latest case... 

Unforgotten season four episode two saw Cassie and Sunny dig deeper into the murder from 30 years ago - but it looks like fans of Twitter are determined to solve the case before they get the chance to!

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Using the popular hashtag, #UFTheory, viewers have been sharing their early predictions about the show - and we already think some of them sound quite promising. Taking to social media following the second instalment of the popular crime show on Monday night, one person wrote: "Definitely a parent link with all of the suspects - I think each of their parents was a police officer as well - maybe they got them off the hook the first time around?" 

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Another added: "Body 30 years ago, new recruits years 30 ago and Cassie 29 years and nine months was she in the car probably not did she know them? #UFTheory."

Are you enjoying the new series so far?

A third person suggested: "Each of the four probationary cops has a body part hidden somewhere. They all seem somewhat suspicious and seem to know something but I am guessing at Liz being the killer - she was the most shocked and has the most to lose!" 

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Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays Sunny, opened up about how much he loves the show on This Morning, explaining: "One of the things that I certainly love about it as a fan of the writing is the layers that [writer Chris Lang] puts into the scripts. 

What do you think happened?

"This time it's about the relationships within the police. I'm still slightly shocked that I'm in it because I didn't expect when I turned up at the audition that I would get it."

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