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Finding Derek: 10 things we learned from Kate Garraway's heartbreaking documentary

Find out everything we learned from the documentary here

kate garraway finding derek
Eve Crosbie
TV & Film Writer
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Kate Garraway's devastating new documentary Finding Derek aired on Tuesday night. The one-off special followed the Good Morning Britain presenter as she dealt with a year like no other following husband Derek Draper's positive Covid-19 diagnosis which left him severe health issues.

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While Kate has been sharing regular updates about her husband's condition since he was hospitalised in March 2020, the hour-long documentary revealed several shocking aspects to Derek's ongoing health battle a year on from contracting the deadly disease. Find out everything we learned from the documentary here...

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Kate caught Covid-19 from Derek after he contracted the virus

In the documentary, Kate revealed that she was struck down with coronavirus the week after husband Derek caught the disease but fortunately managed to recover quite quickly. Sadly, Derek was rushed to hospital, before being induced into a coma in April. 

Kate and Derek's children remain hopeful but realistic about their dad's recovery

Darcey, 14 and Billy, 10, told interviewers they are hopeful their dad makes it out of hospital by Christmas this year. Speaking about their year without their dad, Billy said: "Dad usually does LEGO with me, but since dad's not here, I've started to do it by myself ...I really want him back, but I don't know if he's going to get better or not."

"It's hard because he might still be hooked up to things to help him survive," Darcey added.

derek kids© Photo: Rex

Derek is father to Darcey, 14, and Billy, 10

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Derek's first words after coming out of a coma left Kate in tears

After 154 days in hospital, Derek needed much less support, but still had a team of doctors and nurses monitoring him 24 hours a day. Showing the camera a video of Derek in physiotherapy to help him regain some movement, Kate revealed that Derek managed to move his first word in months: 'pain'.

derek© Photo: Getty Images

Derek has been in hospital since March 2020

"Afterwards we all burst into tears because it was the first time we'd seen him mouth a word," she said, adding: "It made me cry because that is a massive breakthrough and that is the fact that his brain can communicate with his mouth to shape the word 'pain'. So obviously while it's awful he's feeling pain and that's the word he could reach for... the fact that he was able to do it shows that there are connections coming back."

Not long after, Derek made a huge breakthrough

In another video from Derek's bedside, Kate captured the moment Derek was able to show emotion for the first time in months. Kate can be heard telling Derek: "You are amazing and you are doing brilliantly," which causes him to tear up - something he had not been able to do before.

"I think he's got to find that confidence that he can do it now. He can claw his way out of it but he's definitely present. You can see it in his eyes, every time you can see a little bit more of him," Kate told the camera.

Kate thinks her and Derek's relationship is going to change significantly

Discussing who Derek maybe when he comes out of the hospital, Kate admitted: "He will behave differently and be physically different" but said she just wants him back. As for how their relationship may change, she said: "I feel as though we might have to fall in love again. We have to find out who each other are a little bit."

kate garraway wedding finding derrick© Photo: ITV

Kate said she thinks she and Derek will need to 'fall in love again'

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Kate is making renovations to their home in preparation for Derek's return

The mum-of-two revealed she was hoping to bring Derek home for a few hours in order to help his recovery, but lockdown measures in winter 2020 put a halt to her plans. Nevertheless, she started planning home renovations that include having the house fitted with ramps and widened doorways for wheelchair access for when Derek does come home.

Kate is still considering whether she'll need to give up her career to care for Derek

"If he needs 24-hour care, I will the primary carer," she said. "I have a fear of the reality of that life. It's a completely different dynamic to our relationship." 

kate garraway gmb

Kate co-hosts GMB on Fridays

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At one point, Derek felt as if he wanted to die

Despite getting physically better, Kate admitted that Derek's mental state was not improving at one point he felt as if he couldn't go on. During one FaceTime conversation, Derek told his wife that he is struggling and doesn't think he can go on, to which she replied if he meant that he wanted to die. She quickly reassured him that he would be going home soon, saying: ""I promised I will save you, and I'll find a way, but you just have to hang in there okay?" 

Elton John's song Rocketman now has a special meaning for the family

Not only does Derek have the support of the legendary singer - in one scene he can be heard telling Kate over the phone: "I pray for him every night, he's in my prayers, and you and your family. He's an amazing man, please give him my love," - but his hit song Rocketman now has a special meaning for the family.

elton john© Photo: Getty Images

Elton John says he's praying for Derek's recovery

"Billy thinks that Rocketman is a really good song for Derek because if you listen to the lyrics, it's about floating above all of us, wanting to come back. And I think that's what he thinks Derek is, desperately fighting to come back and we're desperately trying to pull him back as well."

Derek remains in hospital for the foreseeable future

Sadly, Derek is still in hospital due to the heartbreaking side effects of contracting COVID-19 back in 2020. In the final moments of the documentary, Kate also shared a clip of Derek speaking to her via FaceTime from the hospital, saying: "Thank you and I love you forever and a day." 

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