Dan Walker gets the giggles in awkward BBC Breakfast interview 

What did you think of the moment? 

Dan Walker couldn’t help but laugh during Monday morning’s BBC Breakfast during a somewhat awkward interview with the Minister of State for Social Care, Helen Whately. 

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During the breakfast show, Helen joined them to discuss plans for lifting remaining social distancing restrictions on 19 July, known as ‘Freedom Day’, but struggled to give a straightforward answer to any of Dan’s questions about the government plans, particularly in regards to removing all masks. 

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WATCH: Dan Walker giggles during BBC Breakfast interview

After avoiding the question about whether she will be wearing a mask on public transport after 19 July, Dan said: “I’m asking you about your personal view, the government are going to say, ‘This is about personal responsibility' so personally… what would you do?” She replied: “Personally I will do what our guidance is.” 

Giggling at the situation, Dan said: “I’m sorry I know this is a difficult area, but the guidance would appear to be, ‘Do what you choose,’ so what would you choose to do? […] I know we speak to ministers in government most days on this programme but sometimes, I think our viewers would appreciate, sometimes having a straightforward answer to a straightforward question.” 

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Viewers were quick to agree, with one writing: “Dan Walker laughing at Helen Whately shows you just how laughable she is a minister for care She can’t even say whether she will continue wearing face masks if it’s down to personal choice Boris Johnson appointed well.” 

What did you make of the interview?

Another added: “I never understand why an MP regardless of the party they represent agree to an interview and don’t actually answer a single question….waste of everyone's time.” A third person wrote: "@Helen_Whately should be embarrassed by this. Avoids simple yes or no questions and chooses to talk plenty but say nothing. Top tip - tell the truth, we might not like it but if we don’t, we have democratic vote every few years to do something about it. Simple!” 

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