Old: viewers saying the same thing about M. Night Shyamalan’s new film 

Don’t worry, no spoilers here!

Have you visited the cinema to watch M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie Old yet? The film, for better or worse, seems to be all anyone is talking about right now - so is it worth the watch? Find out some of the movie’s most popular reactions here...

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But firstly, what is the movie about? The horror film follows a family who visits a beach for an idyllic vacation day - only to have their day descend into a nightmare when they realise that they are all ageing rapidly while trapped on the beach - reducing their entire lives to a single day. The film was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who is known for films with major plot twists, including The Sixth Sense and Signs. 

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Taking to Twitter to discuss the film, one person wrote: “When #OldMovie gets going, it flies like a bat out of hell. While the film gets off to a slow, clunky start, it eventually becomes a body horror that somehow successfully meshes with emotional family drama. Absolute summer fun from M. Night Shyamalan.” 

The film has had mixed reviews

Another fan was full of praise, writing: “Loved #OldMovie. Def one of my favourite @MNightShyamalan movies and was thinking about it the day after I saw it. Absolutely worth seeing in a theatre (if you feel safe going) and it has a number of twists and turns I didn’t expect and some great performances.” 

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Others weren’t as keen, with one tweeting: “#OldMovie managed to pull some creative scares & disturbing imagery with its premise. However for me the awkward dialogue & goofy tone made this more cheesy than terrifying. I liked a lot of it but the execution was just botched.” 

Visitors to the beach age a lifetime in one day

Another person posted: “#OldMovie was pretty [expletive]. The cinematography was bizarre at times, which I'm not sure was intentional or not. The performances were weird at times and the plot got really dumb towards the end. Also, the twist was not good and there was a Stan Lee-esque Shyamalan cameo.” 

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