Kristen Stewart praised for 'terrific' performance as first Spencer reviews drop

The movie is set across the three days of Christmas 1991

Kristen Stewart has been praised by film critics for her "terrific" performance as the late Diana, Princess of Wales, in new film Spencer.

The movie is set across the three days of Christmas in 1991 when she decides to leave her husband, Prince Charles.

Although the film has been described as a "ghost story" and veering towards "camp" at moments, Kristen is the standout in a film about the late People's Princess.

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Kristen "does terrific work as this royal-turned-scream-queen, but one does get the sense that she could be even better were Spencer to allow the character to go as wild as everything else does around her," wrote IndieWire.

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The Hollywood Reporter added that her "finely detailed work on the accent and mannerisms is impeccable," and that the film "rests on Stewart’s shoulders".

"Kristen Stewart doesn’t just do an impersonation (though on the level of impersonation she’s superb). She transforms; she changes her aspect, her rhythm, her karma. Stewart makes that the most moving moment I’ve seen in any film this year," shared Variety.

Fans were shocked at the transformation in the actress

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and Kristen revealed during a press conference that she was "given information from royal insiders about the reality of Diana's day-to-day life".

"The movie doesn't offer any new information," she said. "It doesn't profess to know anything. It imagines a feeling. I think my impression can only be my own. But Diana was a woman who wanted people to come together and I think that this movie's ambition is to bridge gaps."

Kristen carries the film according to critics

The Twilight star continued: "We had royal advisers, we had people to tell us all the things that you couldn't know as an outsider. The stage that we depict in the film is a true unravelling."

Along with Kristen, the biopic will also star Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris and will be released in UK cinemas later this year.

Spencer is due for release in the US on 5 November, and internationally later in 2021.

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