9 time travel shows like Outlander to watch while you wait for season six

Romance and time travel? Check and check.

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If, like us, you are a huge fan of Outlander, it can be a huge pain waiting for the new episodes during 'Droughtlander', as fans like to call it. As such, we have gathered the best shows to keep you going while you want for Jamie and Claire back on your screens. From time-travelling capers to desperately romantic storylines, check out our top picks here...

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The Great

Brilliantly witty, with outfits to rival Outlander's outstanding wardrobe, the story follows Catherine the Great as she naively enters into marriage with the childish Emperor Peter, only to decide to stage a coup and take power for herself, with the help of a very nervous advisor and her straight-talking lady's maid. 

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WATCH: Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in The Great

A Discovery of Witches - NOW/Sky

Time travel? Check. Handsome, seemingly ageless heroes? Check. A good dose of unexplainable magic? Check! A Discovery of Witches follows a college professor, Diana, who begins to discover that she is actually a descendant from a line of witches, and who falls in love with a vampire, Matthew. 


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Ashes to Ashes - Britbox

A woman who falls through time and falls in love with a figure from history? Check and check! In this case, Alex Drake isn't entirely sure if she is in a coma, dead, or has actually travelled back in time, when she is paired up with maverick 80s' detective Gene Hunt. The will-they-won't-they is enough to keep you watching, not to mention the brilliant police storylines! 


If you're after a very steamy period drama to fill the void of Outlander, look no further than the smash hit show Bridgerton. Released back in December 2020, the Netflix show isn't your average Austen affair as it sees Daphne Bridgerton team up with the dashing Duke of Hastings to make herself appear more desirable to potential suitors. Season two is currently in the works, and sees Daphne's handsome older brother Anthony take centre stage. Move aside, Jamie! 


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My Love from the Star - Netflix

This Korean drama follows an ageless alien, Min-Joon, who has been forced to wait 400 years on earth to be picked up by his own species. However, in the months before he is finally due to be taken home, a wayward, chaotic actress, Song-Yi, moves in next door. Prepare to get heavily invested in the melodrama and swoon at their love story in equal measure! 


11.22.63 - Sky/NOW

Based on the Stephen King novel, the story follows Jake Epping, a teacher who travels back in time to 1960 in order to prevent the assassination of JFK. Much like whenever Jamie and Claire try to disturb the natural order of the future, things don't quite go to plan... 


Hindsight - Amazon Prime Video

Becca is struggling with idea of having a second wedding, and finds herself wishing that she'd done things differently. Cue her waking up in 1995, with some incredible 90s looks, and giving her the chance to do her adult life over again. This show was shockingly cancelled after one season - but what a season it is! 

Doctor Who - BBC iPlayer

Even if sci-fi isn't your cup of tea, we defy you not to enjoy Doctor Who time travelling capers, particularly the romantic era of Rose Tyler and River Song. Don't even get us started on the iconic love story of Amy and Rory! The show has it all; time travel-themed relationship troubles, couples falling in love as they meet each other out of order, a mismatched pair coming together after facing off alien statues (we see you, Carey Mulligan). If you have never been interested in giving it a go, now's the time!


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Sleepy Hollow - Disney Plus

What instead of travelling to the past, the past comes to the future? This is the premise of Sleepy Hollow, in which agent Ichabod Crane accidentally travels to 2013 from 1781, where the Headless Horseman is still at large. Working with Detective Abigail Mills, they do what is takes to bring him down. 

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