Gogglebox viewers delighted at Jenny and Lee’s ‘special’ throwback - did you spot it?

Do you remember this from the previous series? 

Gogglebox finally returned to our screens on Friday night, and saw some of our favourite cast members back again for another series of enjoying some great telly. While we were delighted to see the Siddiquis, the Malones and the Plummers back on our screens - it was best pals Lee and Jenny who had fans giggling over a “special” throwback. 

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In the episode, the sofa families all grabbed a notepad and pen to draw along with BBC’s new series Life Drawing Live!, but Lee crossed the line when he tried to give Jenny the notepad she uses to write down all of her Line of Duty theories. 

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WATCH: Jenny won't use her 'special' Line of Duty notepad

After handing it to her, saying: “That’s your Line of Duty,” she replied: “Oh I aren’t using that! No, that’s special!” as Lee looked amused at her passionate reaction. Viewers took to Twitter with similar reactions to Jenny, with one writing: “Sacrilege Lee. It’s a sacred notebook.” Another added a gif which read: “It belongs in a museum!” A third person tweeted: “She’ll need it for next series - I’m sure/hope there’ll be one.” 

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Fans loved Jenny's sleuthing 

Jenny’s Line of Duty notepad became a fan favourite part of Gogglebox’s last series, as the star made plenty of notes about her theories alongside what was happening in each episode to try and keep up with the twists and turns of the beloved drama. Fans were particularly amused at her reaction after she and Lee completed the Line of Duty season five finale, as she ripped pages out of it and threw them at Lee as he began to laugh. 

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