Jules Hudson opens up about the one place he doesn’t want to live 

The presenter is also currently starring in This Week on the Farm 

Jules Hudson has opened up about why he would never live in one of the world’s most beloved destinations - London! The Escape to the Country presenter, who is also currently starring on This Week on the Farm, opened up about why he never enjoyed living England’s capital city. 

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Chatting to The Times back in 2020, he explained: “I found London very claustrophobic. There's an energy about it that I absolutely love, but I need green fields and space.” He and his family ended up living in Herefordshire, where he said: “We knew what we were looking for — something with space, something with outbuildings. And having its own plot was really important to me."

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He added: "My perfect day is a nice, warm, sunny Sunday with myself, my wife, my son and our dogs all out gardening having a really lazy day. I love it when there is no one to ring, no one to bother with and we are just immersed in the practicalities of being outdoors, getting mucky and transforming the garden.”

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Jules lives with his partner, Tania Fitzgerald, and their young son, Jack. The pair also share two Labradors, Teddy and Iolo. He recently chatted about Jack on Escape to the Country, saying his best ever moment was “when my son Jack finally recognised that I was his father and made a noise and looked at me with his eyes that said to me I finally have a role in this relationship. He was probably 18 months or something”. 

Jules opened up about living in the countryside 

He continued: "To be honest with you, I never looked forward to having children it wasn't on my radar at all. But having Jack now and watching life unfold through the prism of his eyes and his mind and helping him learn about the world around him and understanding how we learn has been one of life's greatest revelations to me."

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