Close to Me: viewers have same complaint about latest episode

Some viewers complained about one aspect of the episode

Channel 4’s new psychological drama Close to Me is well underway with the second episode airing on Sunday night. And while most fans are gripped by the series, some have complained about a particular detail in the latest episode.

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Viewers have taken to Twitter to point out the "constant" flashbacks in the second episode of the series. One person wrote: "Good performances from the two leads and an interesting premise, but ultimately felt #CloseToMe was bloated with too many repeated flashbacks." while another added: "These programmes with constant flashbacks and, ‘oh, it was a dream’ really get on my [expletive] after a while."

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However, most viewers were compelled by the most recent episode and took to social media to praise the captivating plot. One person tweeted: "Really intrigued so far by the first two episodes of #CloseToMe. It’s darker than I expected," while another added: "Wow, what a great and dark ending. #CloseToMe."

A third person wrote: "Just watched #ClosetoMe and it was sooooooo good."

Some fans have watched ahead of the weekly Sunday night episodes after being gripped by the first two instalments. One person took to Twitter to praise the show, writing: "@CNconnienielsen thank you for making this! I’ve just finished binge-watching this series, it was great, such a good story," while another agreed, adding: "My mum and I are absolutely hooked on #CloseToMe. Just two episodes left. Both of us with theories that are probably way off the mark."

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One viewer also applauded Connie Nielsen for her performance as Jo, a woman who loses her memory after suffering a fall. The fan commented: "As a #BrainInjury survivor myself, I am absolutely blown away by the performance of @CNconnienielsen in #CloseToMe. She's managed to encapsulate the confusion and frustration you feel in the aftermath superbly. What an incredible actor!"

Viewers commented on the flashbacks in the second episode

For those who have yet to watch the new domestic drama, the series follows Jo Harding, a mum-of-two who suffers from amnesia after a nasty fall. Unable to recall any memories from the past year, Jo tries to piece her life back together but discovers that it wasn’t quite as perfect as she once thought.

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