Brazen twist explained after ending sparks fan reaction

Have you watched the new Netflix film?

Netflix's new movie Brazen is the one film everyone is talking about right now. The thriller stars Alyssa Milano as the leading star and has a classic murder mystery plot, adapted from the novel by Nora Roberts.

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But it seems that the movie's final moments when they reveal the killer has sparked a reaction online. Here's the ending of Brazen explained but warning, spoilers are ahead!

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What is Brazen about?

Before we get into the ending, the plot tells the story of Grace (Alyssa Milano), a prominent crime writer who has the shock of her life when she finds her sister, Kathleen, murdered. Soon, Grace begins to take the law into her own hands.

With the help of her sister's neighbour and detective Ed (Sam Page) they begin to unpick suspects and possible links in order to find out the truth behind her sister's death.

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Alyssa Milano plays Grace in Brazen

What happens at the end of Brazen?

In the film, it transpires that Kathleen had been working as a dominatrix for an online webcam company and was also battling a custody case against her ex-husband – these details become crucial in the investigation.

These details lead Grace to believe her ex could be responsible for her murder. But after a second dominatrix, Roxanne, is murdered, and a third who was attacked, the crime writer then realises a serial killer, who targets powerful and dominant women, is more likely to be behind the two killings and one attempted murder.

Their investigation takes them to the high school where Kathleen works as a teacher and turn their sights on a student they believe might have had an obsession with Kathleen. The student, Rand, soon becomes a prime suspect after the authorities realise he had seemingly sent flowers to Kathleen's funeral – an act which he denied.

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Have you watched the new film yet?

It's the third attempted murder that makes things interesting. The victim confirms to Grace and Ed that her attacker was young with an expensive watch, this points them to Rand and he is soon arrested.

However, Rand then reveals that he is gay and was meeting with a man named Richie at the time of the murders – something he hid before due to his sexuality being a secret from his father – which ultimately gives him an alibi.

After Rand gets into a fight with another student, named Jerald, he tells the authorities that Jerald had been referring to Kathleen as "my Kathleen", providing potential evidence that the other student is responsible.  

Eventually, the police and Grace set up a video trap to lure Jerald to see if they can uncover the truth. Jerald turns up with the intention of killing Grace because she is onto him, but the camera keeps rolling and captures footage of him admitting to the crimes and revealing his motives. Suddenly, Ed ends up shooting Jerald and the case is finished.


The ending has had fans divided

What have fans said about Brazen's ending?

The end of the movie has been described as a great twist by some, but predictable by others. One person was a fan of the twist, writing on Twitter: "I just finished watching #Brazen on @netflix @Alyssa_Milano You were amazing in this movie. So good! Loved the ending!!!"

A second, however, was less impressed. "The movie Brazen started off good... they set it up really well, but I felt the middle to ending lack lustre. They really could have done more and made it a really good twist at the end. #Brazen," they tweeted.

Meanwhile, a third wasn't a fan of the ending but enjoyed the movie regardless. "#Brazen is such a predictable movie from the moment I saw the killer I knew it was that person… but it still was enjoyable."

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