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Tom Brady’s resurfaced comments surprise fans following Gisele Bundchen split 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen recently shocked fans after announcing their split after 13 years of marriage, and a recent episode of the YouTube series Life Stories By Goalcast has explored what may have caused the split - shocking fans.

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In the video, which explores the couple’s relationship, it is revealed that Gisele would look after the children "100 per cent" of the time while Tom was playing football. Despite his continuously promising to retire from the game, he most recently returned to football just 45 days after announcing plans to quit. 

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In the clip, Giselle revealed that he initially told her he wanted to play for another decade when they began dating. She said: "[He’s] won two Super Bowls, it’s the end of the 10th year, and I was, 'Woohoo, let’s go,' and he’s like, 'No.'" He added: "I’ve got a few more to come. My life focuses on football, it always has done and it always will." 

In another interview shown, Giselle said: "When I became a mother, it really became a priority. I just wanted to be with my kids, I couldn’t see anything more important… For six or seven months out of the year, I take on 100 per cent. I take the kids to school so I become a lot more present." 

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Tom made similar comments, saying that Giselle is the one who "supports the family and makes a lot of sacrifices". He added: "I’m not putting energy to focus on things that I don’t deem that are important even though other people may say, 'Man this is really important.' I’m gonna determine what’s important for me. The hard part I think for me still playing is that my kids are getting older and I’m not available to them. Things still revolve around my schedule, my day." 

He added: "I am done playing, I really do want to be able to support her and her dreams and be more flexible." However, he changed his mind shortly after announcing his retirement. 

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In an interview with Michael Strahan, he continued: "I don’t think proving it for me is the motivation… I still want to play. I’ve got like a little sickness in me that just wants to throw a freaking spiral, you know what I mean? Also, about football — once you stop, you can’t go back and do it. I’ve got some more football in me. Not a lot, and I know that. But what I’ve got left, I’m going to give everything I’ve got."

The video certainly surprised fans, with one writing: "Gisele is too gorgeous and kind to deal with this. Good for her. Tom is going to feel it later," while another person added: "She has been a single mother for a long time, divorce will just make it official." A third person added: "He basically stated he didn’t want to put his energy into what he didn’t care about." 

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