Eamonn Holmes makes brutal comment about past fall outs on GB News

The GB News anchor said "They're dead to me"

Eamonn Holmes has made a candid comment about people being "dead to him" in a recent appearance on GB News.

The former This Morning presenter was appearing on his regular slot on the Breakfast show alongside Isabel Webster when the pair were discussing fallouts and enemies when he admitted that there are some people he has not amended ties within his own life.

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The comment was prompted by a discussion about singer Shakira and her 'diss track' aimed at her husband Gerard Pique, conversation turned to fallouts and enemies. Eamonn then admitted that there are some people he has not amended ties within his own life.

"We particularly want revenge stories, is it good, is it cathartic?" he asked, as Isabel chimed in: "You talk a good game about all this, but actually all the people in your life you've had ding dongs in the past with, you're on great terms with now."

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Eamonn with his GB News co-star Isabel Webster

Looking bemused, Eamonn interjected: "No!" before adding: "What like Anthea Turner? Yes. I'm prepared to forgive. But there's other people who are dead to me, whose names I can't [say]. And that's the thing, once you cross..."

Isabel then interjected once again after seeing where the conversation was going, adding through laughter: "I'm suddenly thinking who you mean and let's not go there!"

Speaking more generally, Eamonn continued: "There are evil people, lets face it. And in the fight of good and evil, in which I am good, the only enemy you want is a defeated enemy." Eamonn didn't reveal who he was referring to in the comment.

The broadcaster used to present alongside his wife, Ruth Langsford

Meanwhile, the TV presenter returned to his usual slot as an anchor on the news programme earlier this month after having extended time off with a number of health ailments.

The broadcaster underwent a back operation and suffered a broken shoulder, but informed fans of his return to work on Instagram: "Any of you who are long-term sick or in any way convalescing, particularly at home, will know that there's a lot of frustration in it, so for me, I'm going to give it a go back at work and hopefully get better doing day to day things on a day-to-day basis."

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