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6 Outlander storylines we can't wait to watch in season 7

Outlander is nearly back on our screen - spoiler alert! 

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in Outlander
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Outlander is returning to our screens with season seven, and while we can't wait to find out what happens to our beloved Fraser family next – the clue about what to expect could be in Diana Galbadon's novel series! The series has accurately followed the events of the books so far – with season seven likely continuing the plot from book six, A Breath of Snow and Ashes and into the seventh instalment, An Echo in the Bone. If this is indeed the case, what can we expect? Here are the storylines we can't wait to watch play out on screen…

Malva's murder is solved

Things are looking very sketchy for poor Claire right now after being accused of the murder of Malva Christie – and although the trailer has worried fans by showing Claire with a noose around her neck – we know that she is absolved of his particular crime, phew! Tom Christie, Malva's father, confesses to the murder, though it wasn't actually him who did it, due to his love for Claire.  

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The real murderer is revealed…

It is eventually discovered that it was Allan, Malva's brother, who killed her. The pair had been in an incestuous relationship when she fell pregnant with his child, which is why she attempted to name Jamie as the father. Allan then eventually killed her after she decided that she wanted to tell the truth. Believing he has escaped justice, Allan is killed by Young Ian, who shoots him with an arrow. Boy, bye.

Malva is finally avenged© Robert Wilson
Malva is finally avenged

Brianna and Roger welcome baby number two

Brianna and Roger welcome baby number two, Mandy! However, the baby girl is born with a heart defect, meaning that the couple have no choice but go back to the future to help their newborn survive, splitting up the Fraser family. But will the couple stay in the 20th century from now on? Time will tell…

Welcome to the show, baby Mandy!© Robert Wilson
Welcome to the show, baby Mandy!

The prophetic fire takes place

If fans can remember, Brianna travelled back to warn her mother and father of a fire that destroyed Fraser's Ridge after reading about it in an archived newspaper – and it finally happens! A fire takes place in their home, with the newspaper ultimately getting the date and death details wrong – with no one harmed. The fire was caused by a time traveller hoping to return to his time.

Claire and Jamie return to Scotland

With their home destroyed and the community pretty much against them (you can only be accused of so many murders before the locals would prefer you not to be around anymore), Jamie and Claire decide to return to Scotland to reclaim Jamie's printing press.

The couple return to Scotland© Robert Wilson
The couple return to Scotland

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Jamie's son William enters the fray

Welcome to the chaos, William Ransom! After leaving him to be raised by his good friend, Lord John Grey, his son William becomes involved in the American Revolution on the side of the redcoats, inevitably causing problems with Jamie who of course has a close call with him on a battlefield.

William in Outlander
Jamie's son William arrives in Outlander

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