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Lorraine Kelly apologises after on-air blunder: 'It won't happen again'

The Scottish star forgot to wear her poppy badge on Wednesday

Lorraine Kelly
Nicky Morris
Nicky MorrisTV and film writer
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Lorraine Kelly apologised to viewers for forgetting to wear a poppy badge in honour of the period of Remembrance.

Towards the end of Wednesday's edition of Good Morning Britain, the presenter made an appearance from the Lorraine studio to tease upcoming items on her programme. 

WATCH: Lorraine Kelly apologises after on-air blunder

After seeing Susanna Reid and Ed Balls wearing badges on their clothes, Lorraine realised that she wasn't wearing one of her own. 

"Oh, my poppy! It must have fallen off, " she exclaimed. "I had it on and then I walked up the stairs. I do apologise. 

Ed Balls and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain with Lorraine Kelly © ITV
Lorraine Kelly forgot to wear her poppy badge on Wednesday

"Do you know what? I should wear about ten. I just realised when I saw you," she told Susanna and Ed. "I will go and sort that out immediately."

Susanna was quick to defend her colleague and chimed in: "Sometimes the pin doesn't quite hold them in. You are forgiven, Lorraine."

The Scottish star responded: "Thank you, but it will not happen again. That's really bad."

Lorraine Kelly in blue jacket© Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Lorraine assured viewers that she wouldn't forget her poppy badge again

Lorraine's blunder comes during a sad period for her show, which lost one of its producers, Hannah Hawkins, to cancer. 

Hannah passed away earlier this month at the age of 33 after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. The digital producer sadly died just two months after welcoming a baby boy with her husband Tom. 

Hannah Hawkins and her husband Tom© Hannah Hawkins/Instagram
Hannah Hawkins and her husband Tom

Tom announced the news on Instagram in a heartbreaking post, which read in part: "There is no way I can pay tribute or sum you up in one post. In fact I could write an essay on how unfair this is. That you miss out on seeing Rory growing up, that he won't be able to feel the love of his mum, and that this terrible illness took hold so quickly.

"But that's not how you saw it. The remarkable person that you were, the phrase you used so many times over the last few weeks - and it set me off every time; 'I’m so at peace with the life I've lived' is something we can all admire."

At the end of the lengthy post, he concluded: "Thank you for 13 amazing years. [Shine emoji] even brighter than the moon. [Red heart emoji] forever."

Hannah Hawkins and her baby Rory© Hannah Hawkins/Instagram
Hannah and her new baby Rory

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In the comments section, Lorraine shared her condolences to Tom and expressed how lucky she felt to work with Hannah. "Hannah was a very special young woman and I was very lucky to work with her," wrote the 63-year-old. "Cannot begin to imagine the depth of your grief and sorrow Tom.

"She did so much to help raise awareness of breast cancer with her hard work and brilliant contribution to our #changeandcheck campaign. We will be forever grateful to her - she helped save lives. Sending all my love to you and baby Rory."