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tori spelling weight loss© Getty Images

Tori Spelling leaves friend speechless with painful body modification — and it was her kids' idea

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum unveiled an unexpected dermal piercing

Beatriz Colon
Beatriz Colon - New York
New York WriterNew York
May 20, 2024
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Tori Spelling just got quite the unexpected addition to her growing list of piercings, and it was none other than her kids' idea.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum recently unveiled the very "unmother’s day" Mother's Day gift she received from her five kids, and left one of her closest friends absolutely speechless in the process.

The podcast host shares kids Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, seven, with ex-husband Dean McDermott, from whom she split last summer after 18 years together.

On Sunday, Tori took to Instagram and shared a recording of her latest MisSpelling podcast episode featuring her good friend Jessica Amer, during which she revealed to both her and her fans her new piercing.

After she explained that it is her Mother's Day tradition to get an extra piercing anywhere on her body, she noted: "It did bruise around it because it was a major thing, so there might be –– there's some bruising, so no one look at that, but I just got it a few days ago, obviously."

She then stood up and lowered the edge of her pants, before revealing a dual diamond piercing right on her hip bone.

Clip from a video shared by Tori Spelling on Instagram in which she is revealing her new dermal piercing on her hip bone.© Instagram
Tori unveiled her new dermal piercing

As she toyed around with the tiny studs, her friend simply said "ow" repeatedly, and Tori replied: "Oh my god, I'm scared of her reaction."

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Jessica was largely speechless, and between laughter, said: "I mean… I mean, I like it…" before noting: "If it was like, one [piercing]," to which Tori argued: "I hate odd numbers, you know I like everything in pairs."

Tori and her five kids have settled into new home© Instagram
The actress lives with her five kids in Los Angeles

After Tori shared the clip from the podcast on social media, which she captioned with: "My kids surprised me with a very unmother's day celebration which was very ME! Dim Sum & Dermals," fans were quick to take to the comments section under the post with their own surprised reactions.

"I like it but maybe elsewhere because the location could get caught on pants, skirts, [or] shorts," one of her followers suggested, as others added: "Never seen one like that before! But I like it!" and: "Love your dermals & love that Hattie got her ears pierced and Beau got one as well," as well as: "I love it!!! Two looks so much better than just one would have," plus another also wrote: "So cute but ouch."

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