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Shoppers are calling this teeth whitening powder 'a miracle product' for a brighter smile – and it’s on sale

Read the 5-star reviews and see the transformations

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Dulcie Troup
Senior Project Coordinator
Updated: 1 day ago
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With so many of us on the quest for that perfect Hollywood smile, at-home teeth whitening products have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

As professional whitening treatments and services can often burn a hole in your pocket, finding an affordable option that actually works and fits easily into your daily dental hygiene routine is a must.

Cue MySweetSmile: Amazon’s number one bestselling teeth whitening powder. Dubbed a 'miracle product', it has won over many users for its dentist-clean feeling and affordable price tag, not to mention the amazing whitening results. What's even better, is the product is reduced by 20% for Amazon Prime.

MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Powder

MySweetSmile Teeth Whitening Powder

Usually priced at £24.99, MySweetSmile is reduced to £19.99 right now. Bargain or what?

Formulated by dental experts, the MySweetSmile teeth whitening powder combats common stains and yellowing with three key ingredients - calcium carbonate, pentasodium triphosphate (PT) and strontium chloride hexadrate (SCH). 

Whilst calcium carbonate gently removes plaque and debris from your teeth, PT and SCH dissolve stains on the tooth's surface and builds a protective barrier against sensitivity. This peroxide-free formulation is non-abrasive and safe on enamel, making it much safer than other teeth whitening remedies and less likely to cause gum irritation.

Before and after using MySweetSmile teeth whitening powder
A customer's results after using the MySweetSmile teeth whitening powder

Racking up many a 5-star review, users have reported that MySweetSmile has helped treat years of teeth staining from drinking coffee and smoking, whilst others champion the product for its instant results:

"Black coffee & smoking had totally ruined my teeth, to the point I avoided smiling in photos. A friend of mine recommended I use this powder, and omg after a few weeks the difference is incredible. It's removed all the yellow stains and my teeth are looking 10x better!"

Cameron Armstrong,

"Great product, does exactly what it says. I've used other teeth whitening powders but this is by far the best. Follow directions and ensure you brush for the suggested 4 minutes and you will see immediate results. Leaves teeth sparkling and smooth. A great find, thanks MySweetSmile."


In addition to your dental routine, the teeth whitening powder is designed to compliment your normal toothpaste so is best used before regular brushing at least twice a week. Simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush as you would normally for 4 minutes.

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