Phillip Schofield shows off slick new hairstyle – but fans are not convinced

The This Morning presenter has been struggling to keep his hair looking good

Earlier this week, Phillip Schofield shocked fans when he shared a picture of his new lockdown hair. The presenter took to Instagram to share the funny photo, which showed him posing for a selfie with his trademark silver hair looking decidedly longer and standing up on end. With a wry smile on his face, 58-year-old Phillip captioned the picture: "Skype'd my mum, my hair made her jump."

Well, several days later, Phil took matters into his own hands and decided to change up his look seeing as he is currently unable to cut it professionaly due to the coronavirus restrictions in place. "If ya can't cut it, slick it," he wrote across a stunning black and white image showing him looking handsome as he posed for a selfie with his new slicked-back hairstyle.

The dad-of-two later shared a before and after photo on his Instagram grid, captioning it: "Lockdown hair options."

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While some fans loved the new look, calling him a "silver fox" and even comparing him to Richard Gere, several followers suggested that he should shave it all off.

"How many likes on this comment for you to shave it all off," one fan wrote, later adding: "I want them to cut it on air that would be funny." The comment has since gathered nearly 500 likes, maybe Phillip will think about it?

It's not the first time that Phillip has attempted to keep his hair in check during the lockdown. At the start of April, he shared a live video on Instagram Stories showing him trimming the sides, telling fans: "This was bound to happen at some stage!" The clip showed the This Morning presenter cutting the tiny strays close to his ear with an electric blade. "Oh my good gracious," he gasped. "I'm going to make such a pig's ear of this." Looking towards the camera lens whilst trimming, Phillip explained: "It's only a brief live, as I need both hands and I need to concentrate! But I just thought I'd let you know what was happening in my afternoon."