Loose Women ladies talk body confidence - and how they've overcome their insecurities

These stories will inspire you to love your body, too!

Harriet Keane

The Loose Women ladies are no strangers to tackling sensitive subjects; from sex to relationships, and mental health, you name it they have debated it. Yet possibly one of the most discussed amongst the women are their individual journeys with their weight. Last week, Nadia Sawalha was mistakenly accused of calling Coleen Nolan fat whilst on-air, a slip of the tongue which sparked much debate after the 54-year-old said: "I mean, we all know we're overweight, let's not joke about it." Although some would disagree, it is true that they have all been on their own inspirational journeys with their weight through the years. From weight loss to weight gain and body dysmorphia, here are some of those impactful stories from the loose ladies... 

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Denice Welsh

In 2014, Denice Welsh spoke openly about gaining weight after giving up alcohol. Speaking to The Mirror, the 61-year-old revealed: "There is this thing that if you take alcohol out of your life, you immediately lose weight, but actually, it’s very often the case that the complete opposite is true." The former Coronation Street actress admitted to replacing the sugar from alcohol with large amounts of sugary foods causing her to gain two stone, weighing 11st 5lb. She continued: "I gave up alcohol and started to replace it with what could have been a potential food addiction… I was potentially going to destroy my life with an eating disorder: a potential food addiction as opposed to an alcohol addiction.” 


The Loose Women presenter, however, managed to turn it around by following a strict portion-controlled diet plan combined with the motivation of her looming wedding to now-husband Lincoln Townley. Reverting back a size 10, she commented: "I knew that this [healthy lifestyle] was something I wanted to do for life...I just feel so much better now. Switching to a healthy lifestyle is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health, my relationship with my husband and my children.”

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Linda Robson 

Linda Robson revealed her past weight troubles on Loose Women in 2018. The Birds of a Feather actress confessed: "I spent all my life walking around swimming pools covering myself up, wearing a sarong." In May 2018, the 61-year-old was one of the Loose Women panellists to take part in their Body Stories campaign where she posed in swimwear completely unfiltered or airbrushed. Whilst taking part, the actress admitted not only that her nose was the only part of her body she liked but that she hated her legs and revealed: "I never normally take my clothes off – even for my husband."


However, after wowing with an Instagram post showing her her slim figure in a swimming costume, the blonde beauty defended the post saying: "For the first time I felt comfortable walking around, I posted it because I was proud of myself." She added: "I've lost two and a half stone, I've been going to the gym, why not post it?" The mum-of-three also admitted after the My Body campaign: "I’ve gone sugar-free and I’ve lost 17 pounds – so I’m feeling better than I have in years. I’m far from body confident, but I think it’s really important to show these pictures to inspire all women to appreciate their body at any age."

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Coleen Nolan

Back in 2016, Coleen Nolan was told live on Loose Women that she was three stone overweight. Appearing emotional, the 54-year-old admitted: "Sometimes you do have to face the truth. Nobody thinks they're as overweight as they are." She later revealed to The Mirror: "I was mortified to hear I was that overweight. I knew it was coming, but I literally thought it would be a stone – not three. I nearly fell off my chair." In 2009, the former singer confessed that she has been self-conscience of her weight from a young age, especially whilst in The Nolans with her sisters: "We had to wear the same clothes when we were performing and I'd feel self-conscious," she said.


In 2016, the TV presenter slimmed down to a size 14 putting it down to walking 10,000 steps a day and exercising more. Coleen commented that she was happier with her new weight, saying: "I think my body is naturally happy in a 12 to 14. It’s maintainable there...It’s about my health and living longer for [her daughter] and my boys Shane Jnr and Jake, and my granddaughter." The TV presenter also admitted her healthier lifestyle had changed her life: "I’ve never been happier with my life or career, and I want to be here for a long time to enjoy every moment.”

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Stacey Soloman 

Stacey Soloman spoke about her battle with food in 2017 live on Loose Women when prompted by Nadia Sawalha. The former X Factor contestant confessed: "‘I have been bigger than I am now and probably what I would say is that I was a bit too big for my own frame, for what my bones could carry." The 29-year-old admitted: "I remember looking at magazines and seeing pictures of women that were really slim and 'what you're supposed to look like' and just getting anxiety from looking at the pictures… it made me feel sick, I didn't wanna eat."


However, since then, she has been an advocate for promoting mental health awareness, specifically around body image. Posting on her Instagram account in May 2019, she posed in a paddling pool with her baby bump with the caption: "This week It’s mental health awareness week, and the theme this year is body image. Something I feel so passionately about. So I’m posting to try and spread somebody cheer... Our bodies are incredible. No matter what society makes you feel, YOU ARE ENOUGH."

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Nadia Sawalha

When talking to The Sun, Nadia once mentioned a traumatic experience she had as a young girl backstage: "I was doing a sitcom. I was 9 stone, 7lbs and my sister was in the show as well, and very, very thin. The wardrobe mistress said to me, 'You're such a difficult size, you're nothing like your sister.' I was devastated. It haunted me for years." In 2010, the former EastEnders actress brought out a fitness DVD but has since admitted that it left her incredibly unhappy. She told Your Fitness Today: "When I did my DVD I got down to nine stone six and I looked amazing but for me to maintain that weight is just too much because it’s not my natural body type." She did, however, admit that prior to the DVD she'd never faced her weight issues: "I was in denial and never really ever looking in the mirror. I’d never run in my whole adult life." 


However, by altering her approach to dieting and incorporating things such as meditation the 54-year-old got to a weight that she was happy with and one better for her health: "I now vary between 10 stone six and 10 stone 10 – I’d like to be 10 stone, to be honest, but I just love food too much!” The TV presenter confessed: "I have an amazing acceptance of my body now. I try to be grateful for all that it’s done for me. After years of self-loathing, I’m now in a better place" even confessing that she thinks she might love her body even more now than she ever has done before. 

Ruth Langsford

In June 2019, Ruth Langsford admitted on Loose Women that she still holds her own body insecurities when discussing the bodies of the Love Island contestants with her fellow panellists. The 59-year-old confessed: "I know I shouldn't, and I know we talk about it on here all the time, and we did our amazing body stories campaign, that we should all embrace our bodies, because I know I'm nearly 60, I should know better but I can't help myself." The popular This Morning presenter continued: "When summer's coming around, I think 'swimming costume, bikinis, white clothes' 'y'know, I'm not looking my best, and start to think, 'I need to do something'. And I do compare myself to other women around the pool, ridiculously so."


Yet Ruth has also spoken out about coming to terms with her body. Speaking of going through the menopause and its effect on her weight, the TV presenter told Woman magazine: "I was basically a size 12 all my adult life and then when I hit 50, the weight crept up and 12s were feeling a bit snug.... Eventually, I went, ‘Ruth, just admit it, you’re now a size 14. And I was fine with that." Ruth spoke further on her body positivity when speaking to a viewer live on This Morning with Husband Eamon, she commented: "I try not to let [weight] ruin my life but at least you're doing those things and you're going to boot camp. You're trying your best ...As long as you're enjoying your life and living your life it's not all about your weight."

We couldn't agree more ladies!

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