Michael McIntyre reveals secret to his incredible weight loss

The comedian has a new stand-up show called Showman


Michael McIntyre has made a frank confession about his weight loss journey as he revealed he tried "various methods" to help him.

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During a chat in the newest Table Manners podcast, the 44-year-old comedian confessed he went to the Mayr clinic, which can costs from £2,334 per person per week, in Austria. "I always have this plan to lose weight and you know, one year I did. I actually did it," he shared.

"I went to that clinic in Austria where they starve you. I went to the Mayo clinic. I wanted to lose weight and I thought that enough was enough."

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Of their methods, he said: "You drink these Epsom salts that clears you out. So you drink the Epsom salts first thing and then within like 20 minutes, the whole of the clinic, which is full of wealthy fat people, are all rushing to the lavatory."

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Back in 2014, Michael underwent a lifestyle overhaul ever since his son's computer branded him "overweight".

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Michael admitted: "I've had lots of clues over the years that perhaps I should lose weight, but something happened in December which finally made me want to do it.


Michael pictured at Wimbledon in 2018

"My son has an app called Akinator the Genie that guesses the famous people you’re thinking of by asking questions, so for egotistical reasons I thought while my son was at school I’d see if I was on it. It started asking questions like, 'Is it a man?' and 'Is he American?' and it narrowed it down to a British comedian with dark hair."

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He added: "I'm getting a little excited wondering if it’s me in the game and then it asks, ‘Is he slightly over weight?’ So I had a moment of truth, took a deep breath and said 'yes' and it replied, 'Is it Michael McIntyre?' So I haven't eaten since then!"

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