Elizabeth Hurley's bikini body: Model's diet and fitness secrets revealed

The actress believes in body confidence

Hannah Hargrave

Elizabeth Hurley is certainly not afraid to flaunt her physique, and why not when she looks and feels so great!

The model and swimsuit designer, 55, regularly rocks a bikini on social media and prides herself on her healthy regime, so what exactly are her diet and fitness secrets?

The star has opened up over the years to reveal what makes her body tick and she's got a few surprises up her sleeve. 

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WATCH: Elizabeth Hurley exercises in her bikini

What does Elizabeth Hurley eat for breakfast?

Elizabeth doesn't necessarily enjoy the way she kicks off her morning routine, but she knows it's good for her. 

The star says she drinks two cups of hot water first thing to boost her metabolism and get her gut working. 

"It tastes fairly disgusting," she told the Daily Mail. "But it's fantastic for your digestive system."

She follows it up with a far more tasty bowl of Greek yoghurt, banana and a little honey. 

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Elizabeth avoids processed foods 

Elizabeth grows her own produce

The Austin Powers actress lives on her beautiful country estate in Herefordshire where she stays active gardening and cultivating her own crops. 

"I like simple, natural, easy food. I don’t really like food with a lot of chemicals or additives," she told The Cut. "When I’m at home in the country, I always try and eat food that's grown locally. That goes for meats and vegetables.

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"All through summer we eat fruit and vegetables from my own garden. I used to have a small organic farm, and all the meat my son ate was from the farm.

Obviously, that's not possible for most people, but supporting local farmers wherever you live is a good thing."

What does Elizabeth Hurley eat for lunch?

You won’t find Elizabeth reaching for cheese, crisps, or bread at lunchtime. Instead, she’ll opt for a homemade mug of soup. 

"I'll make a vat of delicious vegetable soup," she told Emirates Woman. "I'll have a cup of it whenever I am tempted to raid the fridge." 

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Elizabeth models her own bikini line 

She has a guilty pleasure

She might opt for an apple over a cookie but that's not to say Elizabeth doesn't indulge every now and then, and when she does you won't believe what she eats.

She revealed to Healthy Living Magazine that her guilty pleasure is: "Sticking my finger in jars of peanut butter."

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Confidence is key 

Elizabeth is all about body positivity and she admits her confidence has grown as she's got older. 

"When I was younger I was much more self-conscious than I am now, which doesn’t make sense because in retrospect I had a better body 30 years ago," she told People. 


Elizabeth says she's become more confident with age 

Does Elizabeth Hurley workout?

Elizabeth has been vocal about her feelings towards the gym - and they're not great. In fact, she once called it "loathsome". 

But that doesn't mean she doesn't keep active. 

"I think it's important to stay sort of firm and to do a reasonable amount of walking and exercise," she told E! News. "I don't go to the gym, but I'm quite active. I don't really sit still. I don't lie around on the sofa."

She also enjoys Pilates and yoga. 


She enjoys walking and hiking 

What does Elizabeth Hurley eat for dinner?

When it comes to mealtimes Elizabeth doesn't like to eat heavy meals in the evenings and told E!: "I think that's one of the best diet tips you can have to eat your food earlier on in the day, so you've got more time to digest it, and your body can rest in the sleep period."

She'll therefore make her last meal of the day something involving whole grains, vegetables, fish or small pieces of lean meat. 

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The star avoids fad diets 

She embraces her age

"There's zero point in dreading anything inevitable and I never have," she told Healthy Living Magazine.  "Much better to concentrate on what you can change.

"The kinder and nicer you are to yourself and those around you will make you glow from within no matter what birthday you hit.

She added: "Spread the love! Nothing keeps you healthier than loving people and being loved back. After that, get plenty of sleep, plenty of fresh air, eat lots of vegetables, and don't drink too much alcohol."

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