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APITS' Jasmine Harman shares inspiring weight loss update after fan asks awkward question

The A Place In The Sun star asked for support from her followers

jasmine harman
Bridie Wilkins
Senior Health & Fitness Writer
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Jasmine Harman has opened up about her weight loss journey after someone mistook her weight gain for pregnancy. The A Place In the Sun star took to Instagram with one photo showing Jasmine cradling her tummy, as though pregnant, and another just seconds after, showing she's not pregnant. She accompanied the images with a caption explaining the fluctuations she experiences with her weight, the realisations she has made, and the plans she has to take stock of her shape.

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"Pregnant or not pregnant?," she wrote. "Last week, someone asked me if I was pregnant. They said 'You’re always pregnant on the telly'. My first reaction was to be insulted and upset. I’m not pregnant; I’ve put on weight. TBH I’ve spent my adult life putting on weight and losing it again. It’s boring after a while. The last time I lost weight, I thought I’d cracked it for good, but alas, it all went awry during lockdown.

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"My second reaction was to think to myself 'Why should I feel ashamed of my body?' We should all be able to love our bodies no matter their shape or size. I admit, I find this very difficult and I’m not there yet. I applaud those people who love and accept themselves as they are. As a matter of fact, the only time I’ve been truly happy with and proud of my body was during pregnancy. I was in awe of what it could do and had an excuse for having a big belly.

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jasmine harman before© Photo: Instagram

Jasmine Harman shared a photo creating the illusion she was 'pregnant'

"My third reaction was; 'Well, if you’re not happy, do something about it!' So I’ve decided to take matters in hand. I’ve been inspired by @plantpoweredcoach_ and his weight gain / weight loss journey so I’m going to follow his programme and see where it takes me.

"My fourth reaction was to laugh. How could one casual comment from a stranger provoke so many different feelings? So what if I’ve got a big tummy! TBF I actually DO look pregnant! Some people gain weight on their legs or bum, for me it’s always my belly!


Jasmine Harman put paid to rumours she is pregnant

"The bottom line is I just want to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself that I can be. And I think that involves balance, self-love and a relaxed approach that doesn’t involve beating yourself up nor banning certain foods & drinks.

"So I’m going to take my time, adapt my lifestyle and hope I can finally make peace with myself!

"It’s going to be a journey (again!!) and I hope you’ll join me in support, inspiration, encouragement and accountability. Ps. If someone says you look pregnant and you’re not, don’t let it upset you. Own it."

A round of applause for Jasmine.

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