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Jennifer Aniston openly weighing herself is more than it seems

Friends star Jennifer recently shared a video with her scales clearly visible

jennifer aniston
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Jennifer Aniston recently took to Instagram with a video filmed in her bathroom as she demonstrated her hair care routine, but it was her scales in the background that caught our attention.

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There are a few reasons we're glad Friends star Jennifer didn't hide them. We're often told not to weigh ourselves. We're told weighing ourselves can become obsessive. We're told weighing ourselves can be the root of anxiety. Ultimately, scales are apparently the root of all evil.

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston films hair care routine inside bathroom

So, when Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a. a worldwide treasure with 38 million followers on Instagram, didn't attempt to put them out of sight, we were surprised to say the least.

The majority of existing advice might tell us not to touch scales with a barge pole (unless you a) do it in the morning, b) don't wear clothes, c) don't really care about the results and d) don't even think about trying to get the number lower – overwhelmed? same), but it could actually be this kind of contradictory and conflicting advice that causes the most stress. Jen leaving out her scales is a refreshing reminder that the best thing we can do is follow our gut and do what suits us. Keeping up with such a confusing narrative around weighing ourselves is exhausting, after all.

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jennifer aniston scales z© Photo: Instagram

Jennifer Aniston shared a video with her weighing scales on show in the background

What we will say is that while we're all for doing what feels good for you, as opposed to what you've read or overheard through friends or family, comparing weights with others is not a good route to go down.

The message we're trying to relay is that we're all unique (weighing ourselves might well be dangerous for some, but not everyone), and the same goes for our body compositions. Your friend might weigh less, but there are various factors involved that mean it could be either impossible or unhealthy for you to weigh the same – your genetics, height, muscle mass, which phase of your menstrual cycle you're at, the list goes on.

So, if you, like Jen, feel like weighing yourself, go for it. Just don't compare the number on your scales to anyone else's.

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