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Celine Dion's 'severe and persistent muscle spasms': a doctor explains the cause

The singer's fans are concerned for her health

celine dion health woes
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Celine Dion worried fans in late 2021 when she was forced to postpone her Las Vegas residency, revealing she was not well enough to perform amid "severe and persistent muscle spasms."

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Since then, the singer, who recently turned 54, has been quiet about her condition, leading fans to wonder what Celine is struggling with. Her sister, Claudette, spoke to French magazine, Voici and said: "What's happening to her is sad. But it's not serious."

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While Celine hasn't shared further details about her health, we spoke to Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar, of The Aesthetics Doctor clinic in Mayfair, Leeds and Chester, and  Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, GP and health adviser for OnlinePrescriptionDoctor about the conditions that could cause the severe muscle spasms that have rendered Celine unable to perform.

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"Muscle spasms are not usually a cause for concern and can occur because of a multitude of reasons, which can often make it tricky to pinpoint the problem," says Dr. Giuseppe Aragona. 

"There can be a variety of causes for persistent muscle spasms," adds Dr. Ahmed. Given that Celine's sister said the star's condition is not serious, it could be any of these causes.

1. Stress

"High levels of stress can be a factor. When we are stressed, we produce cortisol, which is a hormone from our adrenal glands that can lead to muscle spasms," says Dr. Ahmed.

celine dion yellow skirt© Photo: Getty Images

Celine Dion's fans are praying for her health

2. Electrolyte abnormalities

"Another cause of severe or persistent muscle spasms is electrolyte abnormalities. Problems with your sodium or potassium levels could cause muscle spasms, along with dehydration."

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3. Over-exercising

"For very active people, muscles could be growing but the elasticity of the muscles is not. If you are not stretching, you can end up getting little muscle spasms."

Dr Guiseppe Aragona elaborates: "With Celion being an energetic performer and person, who perhaps works out regularly it is most likely that her lifestyle is causing the spasms. She may be suffering from muscle fatigue, perhaps she isn’t stretching enough before and after any sort of physical activity or performances which can cause muscle spasms. Exercising in the heat can cause muscle spasms, perhaps if she lives in a country with a hot climate this could be to blame."

4. Thyroid disease or multiple sclerosis 

"Spasms can sometimes indicate an underlying health condition such as thyroid disease or multiple sclerosis," says Dr. Giuseppe Aragona. "If a person is suffering with regular spasms, they should visit their GP.

celine dion announcement© Photo: Instagram

Celine Dion announced her tour postponement on Instagram

Whatever is behind Celine's health struggles, we're wishing her a speedy recovery.

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