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Carrie Johnson's incredible bikini body: how does the 35-year-old look so good?

 Boris Johnson's wife has a fun approach to maintaining her toned figure

Carrie Johnson split screen in swimsuits
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Carrie Johnson is mum to three young children, Wilfred, three, Romy, one, and Frank, four months, so we imagine the 35-year-old is super busy, which leads us to wonder how she manages to maintain her super-toned figure.

Boris Johnson's wife shared a wow-worthy bikini photo of herself in the summer and as well as impressing her loyal followers with her svelte figure, the candid snap gave an insight into how Carrie sculpts her toned physique.

The sensational swimwear snap showed Carrie atop a paddleboard, and it turns out the watery activity could be key to her toned glutes and strong legs.

Carrie Johnson in a red bikini in a lake © Instagram
Carrie Johnson looks fabulous in her swimwear

"Paddleboarding is a relatively low-impact form of exercise, yet it is great for building muscle in the upper and lower body," explains David Wiener of lifestyle coaching app Freeletics.

"Despite it being a relaxing workout whilst experiencing the great outdoors, paddleboarding is a full body workout and targets muscles such as your triceps, biceps, abs, lats, rhomboid, hamstring, traps, quadriceps, to name only a few."

As for how her favourite watersport keeps Carrie toned, David adds: "Paddleboarding can keep us toned in many ways, with one of the biggest benefits being your core strength.

Carrie Johnson paddleboarding © Instagram
Carrie Johnson loves paddleboarding

"Due to the level of flexibility and balance you need to successfully paddle board, your core needs to constantly be engaged and therefore is helping to build your abdominal strength. Furthermore, at the same time your arms, legs, back and shoulders are helping to support your core."

Carrie's strong arms, which she likely needs for carrying her three little ones, can also be attributed to her hobby, according to David.

"Another main benefit of paddle boarding is helping to tone your arms, this is due to you simply not being able to paddle without your arm muscles. Your triceps and biceps are fully engaged and will be strengthening them every time you paddle."

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Such a fan of paddleboarding, Carrie asked her followers to help advise her on the best board to invest in – perhaps she plans to take to the family moat or the pond at their Oxfordshire mansion?

Carrie Johnson on paddle board© Carrie Johnson/Instagram
Carrie Johnson asked her followers for advice

Or, given that Oxford is known for being fabulous for rowing along the Thames, perhaps Carrie plans to paddleboard on the famous river come summer?

Carrie was even reported to have supported Boris' weight loss journey in 2019, when the former Prime Minister dropped almost a stone in weight after cutting down on his "late-night binges of chorizo and cheese", as well as quitting drinking, according to his column in The Spectator.

Perhaps Carrie helped Boris slim down?© Luke Dray
Perhaps Carrie helped Boris slim down?

Not one for restriction, Carrie shared on Instagram on Monday that she's a hot chocolate 'addict', so we're happy to report she and Boris likely have a happy and healthy life, with treats included, at home.

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