Stacey Solomon's son Leighton and fiancé Joe Swash get matching piercings

The Loose Women star's partner 'hates it'

Stacey Solomon revealed her son Leighton and fiancé Joe Swash now have matching accessories after the pair both got the same piercing done on Thursday night.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories to film the process, the Loose Women star revealed Leighton was brave and had the ear piercing done within 30 seconds while Joe was more apprehensive about the process – and didn't like the finished result!

"Omg sorry this took so long it was 25 minutes of waiting for Joe to get it done. Sorry to all of the little ones waiting patiently in the queue behind him," she joked, as she showed her nine-year-old happily sitting in Claire's as he had it done.

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon films Joe Swash getting new piercing

Stacey added: "Leighton was done in 30 seconds not a flinch, Joe on the other hand…"

Joe repeatedly dodged the ear gun and said: "Wait there!", with Stacey captioning the videos: "Honestly the poor woman couldn't get near those the end we all lost it with him.

Stacey Solomon revealed Joe hates his new ear piercing 

"Until she finally just went for it. G-d love her. But omg I can't stop laughing now because we are home and he hates it. All of that hahaha."

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Joe explained as they sat in their garden that evening: "I've only done it because I never had my ears pierced and I was curious how it felt.

"I think I'm going to take it out, I'm a bit old for it."

Her son Leighton grinned as he showed off his earring

Leighton, on the other hand, was thrilled with his new look, grinning for a photo as he showed off his sparkling silver earring.

"Leighton is so happy it's melting my heart. He's been asking for sooooo long. He keeps asking me to take pictures to show his friends," explained the TV star.

Earlier in the day, the family had been shopping for new items for Stacey's pink baby room. The Queen of DIY recently transformed one of the bedrooms in her £1.2 million Essex home into a pink haven for her baby daughter ahead of her birth.

She shared a video of herself adding wooden panels to the wall of what will be the nursery before covering it with a pink wash and adding a gold mirror from Amazon.

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