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This is how Kate and Meghan's favourite beauty product snuck its way into Kensington Palace

The Beuti Sleep Elixir became both Kate and Meghan's holy grail

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Harriet Keane
Harriet KeaneLifestyle Intern
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It's an eternal question, how does one get THAT royal glow? We're talking about the glow that we so often see radiating from Duchesses Kate and Meghan - is there just something in the water at the royal palaces? Well, it seems the answer is in a £42 facial oil from Beuti Skincare which managed to sneak its way into Kensington Palace

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir

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Said to be such a huge favourite of Kate's that she even passed the product on to Meghan, Beuti Skincare's Sleep Elixir has solidified itself as a royal favourite - but how did it first get into royal hands? Talking exclusively to HELLO!, founder of Beuti Skincare Leila Aalam explained how the product managed to sneak its way within the royal walls, She said: "My dear mother, her school friend that she's been in touch with for years and years works in Kensington Palace and he does things like puts up their Christmas tree and is very personal with them and he knew what i was doing. So i said to him 'If i give you a big box could you give it to Kate? And he was like 'Yeah, give me the box and i will see what i can do.'

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Leila admitted that she hadn't anticipated much to come of the exchange but was soon met with the news that Kate was using three at a time: "I gave it to him, i wasn't really expecting too much and then he told me 'The bottles that you gave me, there were three on Kate's nightstand!"

Coinciding with the birth of Princess Charlotte, Beuti skincare launched shortly after the Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser which was made sure to reach Kate after her pregnancy: "We gave the Cleanser to her [Kate] when she had Charlotte. I didn't get confirmation that it was on her bedside desk at that point but we definitely gave that to her as well…. And I'm always sending something to make sure she always has some just in case." Could Beuti skincare have been responsible for Kate's impeccable post-pregnancy glow? Potentially. 

Beuti Pomegranate Enzyme Glow Cleanser

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It's no mean feat to get a product within the palace walls and Lelia admitted that sending in a parcel the normal way had been met with rejection: "We're really lucky that he is that personal with her otherwise it would have been virtually impossible to have it in there, it's very tight-knit. If you sent in a parcel in the normal way, most of them get rejected and get sent back and they say 'Sorry they can't be sent brand products because they can't be seen to promote it.'

However, for the normal consumer getting our hands on the product has now been made ten times easier as Beuti skincare has launched in Harvey Nichols. The brand's two hero products, the infamous Night Exlir which reduces inflammation and redness and the Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser which calms inflammation whilst detoxifying the skin, will now be available online and in-store and if it's good enough for royalty then it's good enough for us!

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