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Dietician reveals secrets behind Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex's flawless skin

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kate middleton skin
Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyWeddings Editor
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Ever wondered how the likes of Kate Middleton, Sophie Wessex and Meghan Markle achieve such flawless complexions? Even when they're surrounded by the flashing lights of cameras that should highlight even the tiniest of blemishes, there never seems to be a red spot or dark eye circle in sight. Luckily, Consultant Dietitian Sophie Medlin may have found the answer to their mystical beauty secret. She spoke to HELLO! about the royals' incredible skin is likely down to a number of different factors. So if you want the royal glow then listen up...

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Sophie - who is Founder of City Dieticians - revealed: "The royals enjoy better skin quality than most of us because they have chefs and dietitians to look after their nutritional needs, access to excellent healthcare and beauty treatments." Aside from eating healthily, she also said a number of lifestyle choices help their complexion. "They might be less likely to be engaging in drinking alcohol, smoking and late nights which can affect our skin health," she said. So perhaps it may be worth cutting out that midnight takeaway and glass (or two) of wine after all!

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Whether you're after the dewy skin of the royals or simply want to improve your own health, Sophie shed light on how influential a varied diet is when it comes to our skin. Speaking of which foods to eat, she said: "The best advice is to follow a Mediterranean style of eating for optimal overall health," which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. Sophie continued: "Healthy fats like omega 3s and monounsaturated fats that we get from avocado and olive oil are good for our skin." 

meghan markle skin

Meghan Markle's skin always looks glowing

However, she also emphasised that sometimes people can eat all the right things and still suffer from skin problems. Cutting certain foods out of your diet, or even changing your diet dramatically such as trying veganuary or going gluten-free, is not necessarily beneficial, according to Sophie. She said: "You may notice a honeymoon period when you change your diet where your skin improves. This is likely to be because you are including more fruits and vegetables and cutting down on processed foods. In the longer term, restrictive diets can cause negative skin changes." So with a varied diet, less alcohol and a lot of wishful thinking, we could be one step closer to looking like a royal!

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