12 small bedroom ideas to maximise space and make it feel bigger

Discover how best to utilise your space

Decorating a small bedroom may present some design challenges, but with these ideas you can create a room that is both functional and stylish, providing space to store all of your essentials without feeling cluttered or cramped.

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Whether it's for a children's room or an adult's, you may well wonder why you didn't think of some of these before! Keep reading for 12 ideas of how to decorate a small bedroom…

1. Opt for light neutral colours

Decorating in lighter tones will reflect light and help the space to feel bigger. Panelled wall detailing behind the bed not only looks stylish, it also gives the illusion of more space, which small bedrooms will benefit from.

Photo: Mark and Spencer

2. Rethink Storage

An attic room can mean it is difficult to have a full-sized wardrobe or chest of drawers, but using low level storage benches with baskets is a good alternative to use the space and store clothes or other essentials.

Photo: English Blinds

3. Invest in a multi-functional bed

They may be a little more pricey, but a high-rise sleeper bed is an ideal way to get more out of your space - particularly in a child’s bedroom. With a desk and shelving below a single bed, it offers more storage and room for them to do their homework without using precious floor space.

Photo: Cuckooland

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4. Try a Daybed

If you want your bedroom to double up as a place for relaxing during the day, it could be worth buying a daybed. You’ll be able to use it as a comfy sofa by day, before converting it into a bed for the night. This one has some handy storage drawers, too.

Photo: House of Bath

5. Get a storage bed

You’ll have all the space you need to store away the essentials and display your favourite books or photos with this clever four poster storage bed from Cuckooland. You can even lift the mattress to pack away extra bedding or clothes, and keep any clutter out of sight.

Photo: Cuckooland

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6. Swap out your wardrobe

Boxy wardrobes can take up considerable floor space in a small bedroom, so it could be worth swapping for a handy storage system like this, which can be used to hang clothes, shoes or anything you like. Using only tension rods between the floors and ceilings, it can easily be moved around to suit your space.

Photo: House of Bath

7. Put your bed in front of the window

Rearranging your room to have the bed in front of the window may maximise the floor space in small bedrooms.

Photo: Furniture Village

8. Opt for an Ottoman Bed

If you live in a studio or really need the bedroom space during the day, an ottoman bed may also be a good idea. This bed folds down into a neat ottoman chest which can either double up as a seat or be moved elsewhere to free up room.

Photo: House of Bath

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9. Maximise your space with Mirrors

Hanging mirrors around the room can instantly make it feel bigger and brighter.

Photo: JD Williams Home

10. Try a clothes rack

Minimal but still practical, this clothes rack with a rail and storage box is ideal for small bedrooms. The sleek design fits against the wall, freeing up space and allowing you to store things on the floor beneath it should you need to.

Photo: Lighting HouseNest.co.uk

11. Add bold and bright pops of colour

Add character to a small bedroom with bold colour pops. Painting walls or the ceiling in different shades will add depth to the room and help it to appear bigger.

Photo: Wilkinson

12. Use shelving for extra space

Not only is it a way for displaying your favourite accessories or photos, hanging shelves can also provide extra storage space in small bedrooms.

Photo: HomeSense

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