Lorraine Kelly reveals her top homeware buys – and she's been taking a leaf out of Marie Kondo's book

The TV presenter revealed her favourite – and least favourite – homeware trends

Chloe Best

Lorraine Kelly has revealed some of the homeware buys she loves – along with the things you'll never see in her home. And it appears that the daytime TV presenter has been taking a leaf out of Marie Kondo's book, as one of the things she dislikes is "meaningless clutter".

Speaking to HELLO! as she launched the new Wayfair spring/ summer campaign, Lorraine explained: "I don't like things that are too busy – I'm not keen on really busy wallpaper. I think that is probably because we have so much stuff on the walls, it wouldn't work anywhere. Because we have pictures and stuff it wouldn't work anyway." The 59-year-old added: "So I don't like anything too busy, I think you should have stuff that means a lot to you. I don't like meaningless clutter."


Lorraine Kelly has revealed her most loved - and least favourite - homeware trends

Lorraine also said that she doesn't like things to be too co-ordinated, saying it's easy to get carried away. "I don't like cushions that match the curtains that match the beddings. I don't like things all the same - I think you have to be careful - I don't like things too matchy," she explained.

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As for the one thing that she thinks will make a real difference to any home? Lighting. "I think the thing that people forget about a lot and the thing I have learnt since working with Wayfair is lighting - the importance of lighting," she said. "It can make or break a room; you can create a mood with lighting, of all the trends. I think that something like the functional lamps - you see them in lots of restaurants- it can work absolutely beautifully."


Lorraine plans to do some work on her garden this summer

After spending the last 12 months transforming her new home, including designing a beautiful bedroom for her daughter Rosie and a gorgeous guest house for their visitors, Lorraine plans to spend 2019 focusing on gardening. "The house is in a really nice place now- I think the next stage will be the garden and I think with the garden you have to be in a place for a year before you start making massive plans to change everything," she told HELLO!. "I think that's the same with a house, you have to do it in a nice gradual way, live with it and work out what will work."

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