Kim Kardashian shares a rare glimpse into her bathroom and it includes an epic lavender forest

The reality TV star shared the bathroom with her 157 million followers

Harriet Keane

By this point, Kardashian fans may have thought they had seen all they could possibly see of the Kardashian clan's pads - considering only last week we were treated to a foolproof tour of Kim Kardashian's kitchen. However, Kim quickly proved that theory wrong on Thursday as she continued her house tour series by posting to her Instagram stories a rare glimpse of her rather weird, but wonderful bathroom - and we've never seen anything like it!

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In a landscape video panning around her bathroom balcony, the mum-of-four treated her followers to a glimpse of an epic forest of lavender and pampas, through her floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Speaking to her followers, Kim said: " I wish you guys can see how pretty my balcony is off my bathroom…. It has all this fresh lavender." The large garden of foliage revealed a cool-toned colour scheme perfect for the winter season, boasting dark purples, pale pinks and sandy beiges - gorgeous. 


However, the reality star revealed this forest of foliage is not a permanent fixture, explaining:  "We change it every so often." We have previously seen Kim's bathroom patio decorated in an all-green tropical forest style, with large banana trees and palm leaves adorning the balcony - and we can only hope that Kim updates us all when garden the garden is next updated! 


The videos also revealed Kim's large open-plan bathroom area complete with light wood flooring and dark grey armchairs. Previously, Kim has shown a further peek inside her restroom which also boasts jet black taps set in sandy marble surface tops, which, uniquely, are set apart from the wall on an island in the middle of the room. The taps were designed by Kim and Kayne with interior designer Axel Vervoordt and are made to look as if there is no basin. However, there is, in fact, a slight dip in the marble for the water to run down. Kim also has a large bath and walk-in shower which she has previously said on Instagram can fit her entire family - talk about bathroom goals.

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