Amanda Holden shares memories of growing up on a housing estate

The Britain's Got Talent judge opened up in a recent interview

Bridie Wilkins

Amanda Holden might own two incredible properties in Surrey and the Cotswolds, but she had a much more humble childhood.

The Britain's Got Talent panellist opened up about her upbringing in an interview with radio presenter Gary Davies on BBC Radio 2, and it seems that her life has since done a 360.

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"We were brought up on a housing estate," she explained. "We didn’t have much money at all and my parents were brilliant at letting us do our own thing when we were little, which included, to keep us quiet, we used to bury cutlery in the back garden and china and all kinds – and then dig it up again because we'd forgotten and it was like finding treasure."

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Amanda Holden's Surrey home

Despite struggling to make ends meet, Amanda went on to recall more happy memories from her family life: "I remember there was a big pink blanket in our house and I wrote in biro Dancing Queen on the back and turned it into my sort of showbiz cloak. And on a Sunday – my poor parents – whatever they were watching on the telly, I'd bash in through the lounge, turn the telly off and then start dancing with my back to them with sort of Dancing Queen emblazoned in ballpoint pen on my back and I would just sort of do silly dance routines."


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Amanda and her two daughters

Now, Amanda has her own children to raise along with her husband Chris Hughes: two daughters Hollie, 8 and Alexa, 14.

Perhaps stemming from her own freedom as a child, Amanda previously affirmed the importance of her home not feeling like "a show home". Speaking to House Beautiful, she said, "We have two little girls and don't want them feeling that they're treading on eggshells."

The family treat their property in Surrey as their main base, while they often spend Christmas at their cottage in the Cotswolds. 

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