Shania Twain's rare glimpses into breathtaking Lake Geneva home

The singer spends most of her time in Switzerland

Rachel Avery

Singer Shania Twain has an impressive collection of properties, in The Bahamas, Canada, Las Vegas and Switzerland, and it is the latter where she spends most of her time. While the star likes to keep her private and family life quite personal, her fans have been given small glimpses into her home.

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From her impressive rural mansion, Shania has views across the largest body of water in Switzerland, Lake Geneva, and she revealed her exact view when she took part in a Loose Women interview from inside her house.

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WATCH: Shania Twain gives fans a look inside her bedroom at luxury Bahamas home

While we couldn't see much of the room Shania sat in, the arched doorframe clearly leads out to a beautiful awning and spectacular view. The star's property has flowerbeds and trees around the perimeter.


Shania spends most of her time living by Lake Geneva 

In another daytime interview, Shania showed viewers inside a different room of the house, which appears to be on one of the upper floors due to the elevated views. The vast windows offer up sweeping vistas of the area – and the backdrop could be a postcard!


Her property has the most amazing views

Back in 2010, Shania shared Christmas wishes to her fans on Facebook, and the photograph appears to reveal the star's incredible outdoor space. The singer sat in a comfy armchair and her outdoor furniture had been arranged around a huge firepit. In the distance, the star has a goal net located on the grass – and it looks like she enjoys the 'beautiful game' with a more than beautiful view!

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Speaking to Outsider about her life in Switzerland, the hitmaker said: "It's a very beautiful region, very scenic. I like to spend a lot of time boating on the lake, in fact, one of the neighbouring properties is the studio where Queen spent many, many years writing and recording. Freddie Mercury lived in what is called 'The Duck House'."


The singer has a phenomenal garden

She goes on to call the place "heaven" and with those surroundings, we totally agree!

The singer also has a $13million property in the Bahamas – and the views are equally stunning there. The That Don't Impress Me Much singer shared a video from one of the bedrooms, and her fans were utterly blown away.


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