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5 troubling sounds from inside your home that indicate a major problem

Discover how much it will cost to fix these common home complaints

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13 February 2023
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Is your window whispering? Radiator hissing? Boiler bubbling? It means you could have a major problem on your hands. Problems in your home always seem to arise at the most annoying time and there’s nothing worse than having to fork out on repairs in the middle of winter.

Don’t worry, Toolstation has curated a handy list of what might be wrong and how you can fix it so you can save yourself trouble in the future. Check out five these five common problems and the estimated cost to solve them, saving yourself thousands in the process.

Hissing from your radiator

If your radiator is hissing this could indicate that it has some trapped wind… but don’t panic, this isn’t a major issue. Hissing from your radiator means that there is either water or air in the heating system which can affect parts of the radiator or stop it from heating up altogether.

Cost estimation for repair

To repair a hissing radiator, you’ll need to bleed it. Bleeding your radiator will remove any air pockets from the system and will make your heating system more efficient and cost effective. All you need in order to do this yourself is a radiator key, which costs between £1 and £3.


Radiators making noise indicate an issue 

Bubbling or popping coming from the boiler

If you hear a bubbling sound coming from your boiler, you shouldn’t ignore it as it could indicate a serious problem. While it may indicate low pressure, it could also be a sign of kettling. Kettling is when steam bubbles are produced due to the boiler overheating.

Cost estimation for repair

If the sound is due to kettling rather than low pressure, you may have to pay for repair which could set you back £75-£300. This may sound steep but Toolstation’s trade expert, Mark from Cheshire, explained that if your boiler is making any abnormal noises, it is always a good idea to call a professional out - even if it just ends up being low pressure.

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Whistling windows

Are your windows whistling? If so, you may have poorly sealed windows or your window seals could be damaged. A damaged seal lets cold draughts through the window. Toolstation’s expert explains: “You’re letting the warm air out so it’s also making your home much less energy efficient.”

Cost estimation for repair

To repair damaged seals, you’ll need to buy window sealants and draft excluders. Luckily these are pretty affordable and cost between £5-£10. It’s worth the investment as it could save you loads on your heating bill.

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windows in brick house

Listen out for yout windows making noise 

Whispering or scratching in your walls

Don’t worry, this isn’t as spooky as it sounds. If you can hear whispering or scratching noises coming from your walls, you could be dealing with a pest problem. Pests can live in walls, making nests and potentially causing damage by chewing through wires.

Cost estimation for repair

Pests can be expensive to evict with costs starting at £90-£240 but this is one problem that is worth paying to fix. Not only is it unhygienic but if left unresolved, costs could rise exponentially with other damages caused by the pests needing to be fixed.

Rustling in guttering

Noises coming from your guttering could be a sign of pests or birds nesting there. However, it could also be an indication that your guttering is leaking. This could be caused by holes in the pipes, broken brackets or a failed seal, and will definitely need fixing.


Can you hear noise from your guttering?

Cost estimation for repair

If damage to your guttering is causing a leak, you’ll need to call upon a gutter servicing professional to fix it. Repairs like this could set you back an estimated £120-£180 but the longer you leave it, the worse the damage may be. You can save money in the long run by getting it fixed immediately.

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