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Horoscopes - what your zodiac sign has in store this week

Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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The recent solar eclipse in Aries has activated new ideas that are still in the melting pot. This week will give you a handle on which ones are practical and which are merely temptations that are best avoided. Placing your energy in what generates income, self-esteem and security becomes a portal to the light.


As Mercury moves through its retrograde cycle in your own sign this is prime time to remove all that is taking up time and space but is no longer of true value. Clearing all that clutters up your mind and physical environment is a great release that opens up fertile soil for the new to be implanted.


Whilst you tend to believe that your mind is ever increasing to greater bandwidth, as Mercury is in reverse mode it could be that your whole system needs upgrading. Release those thoughts and projects that seemed like a good idea at the time but are simply taking up space you could use for what really works for you.


Whilst you might feel under pressure to put on an amazing performance, arrangements are changing so quickly it's difficult to get a steer on how things will turn out. The bigger picture is that your presence is enough and you aren't able to control every detail. Besides, what’s occurring spontaneously is both delightful and right for you.


Between eclipses you're finding new pathways are opening up that could take you in a completely new direction. This is an ideal time to explore your options and play with ideas whilst being as flexible as possible. The more you talk to others the more you can collaborate on mutual areas of interest that will benefit both of you.


It seems you're re-visiting an idea that had gone on the back-burner and finding it still has merit. Someone is coming through for you in a way that re-vitalizes many previous imponderables. Whilst Mercury is in retrograde, the finer points are yet to be finalised, however you should be fired up with enthusiasm.


Whilst nothing is a done deal at this stage due to Mercury's retrograde motion and the necessity of keeping an open mind, things are changing for sure. You can pinpoint a new trajectory that shows great promise in terms of your connection with another person or organisation. The trick is to let it unfold, rather than pushing it.


As you are approaching the Scorpio lunar eclipse in early May, there's a sense of being at across-roads. Meanwhile you're discussing many options that you may previously never have considered. Stretching your parameters is a good thing and whatever is impractical will quickly disappear from your screen. Take one step at a time.


Whilst Mercury backtracks through your zone of everyday affairs it could be that making things work is more of a headache than usual. However, all that's happening is that the universe is encouraging you to take a more grounded approach to the tasks in hand. You are clearing the decks, which is a good thing.


Eclipse season is always a big time in life and you're processing what happened last week whilst preparing yourself for what's in the pipeline. As always, taking a firm and steady hand your gift. Especially as Mercury's reverse motion creates a mood where people tilt at windmills. Be the calm in the chaos.


Keeping all the balls in the air whilst Mercury is retrograde is a good idea. Besides, there is a big shift taking place that will create far-reaching changes over a longer time period. Look at what's being presented as offering new points of interest. These are stimulating you to do your favourite thing which is thinking outside of the box.


Saturn's presence in Pisces helps you to feel anchored even if you're experiencing ripplesacross the water. If you've avoided commitment you’re starting to think about opening yourself up to the possibility. A sharper focus is informing you that your gut instincts areusually right. Take your time and see the proof of this unfold.