Your weekly horoscope revealed for 23 to 29 March

Princess Diana's astrologer reveals what's in store for you this week

Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars and the late Princess Diana, Debbie Frank has shared her horoscopes for the week with HELLO! readers. Debbie Frank is the author of Written in the Stars. Read to find out what your week looks like...


Intense aspects dominate the heavens. Yet staying calm is a necessity. You dislike any form of circumstances beyond your control that cramp your style. However, the Aries New Moon on Tuesday is pressing the re-set button on your whole modus operandi and asking you to be the initiator of new ways.


Sensible Saturn's arrival at the top spot of your chart means you have to get all your ducks in a row over the next few months. This is about implementing strategies that are essentially practical, however irritating they seem. Long terms plans are on hold, but you are the one sign that's able to stay in touch with love as Venus pulses through your sign.


You're having to concentrate on how to keep daily communication going, rather than spread your net wide into future planning. Saturn in Aquarius suggests that less is more and you need to stop juggling options and focus on priorities. Call a halt to what cannot work and firm up your links with those who truly get your programme.


As Mars and Pluto trigger high octane feelings early in the week you must do your level best to defuse difficult situations. Even if someone is acting out, you will soon switch your attention to other areas that are rapidly opening up and supporting you after Tuesday's promising New Moon.


Saturn's move into the relationship angle of your chart for the first time since the early 1990's marks an important new cycle involving how you enter into, conduct or even finish interactions with significant others. This is something you'll be occupied with until July 1 when Saturn releases its grip. You're getting a reality check on your style of attaching and detaching.


You are a details person and with Saturn now urging you to pay more attention to health, everyday routines and the pattern of your day you have new measures to put into place. Releasing the past is essential now as you recognise you can't rely on the old to work. People are also showing their true colours - which may or may not please you.


There's no doubt that the pressure is on regarding how live your life. No coasting along as Mars and Pluto are a big ask. But you are more than up to the challenge and the New Moon in the relationship angle of your chart suggests that you look at new ways of interacting with others that breaks up your old patterns.


You've got something important to say that's been simmering for a while. Now you feel you have no option other than to be absolutely emotionally honest. You don't have to employ the stinger, because others will sense your passion and the truth of your insight and perception.


You might feel compromised by circumstances beyond your control, but you soon recover your sunny side. The emphasis is on getting your message across and to keep communicating. Tuesday's New Moon focuses you on how to keep the joy and fun in your life flowing and in this area you're on a mission to create it.


Saturn's recent exit from your sign lightens your load – it's been hard work ever since 2018 and you could do with a break from his relentless endurance tests. One last push from Mars and Pluto on Monday and you're done. Although not without that final squeeze and then the release.


Not since the early 1990's has Saturn visited your sign. So you'll need to get adjusted to his practical, no-nonsense style between now and July 1. It requires you to engage in a reality check that possibly punctures some ideals, but keeps your feet on the ground. The prize? Serious achievement.


It's time to 'do some work on yourself'. Saturn's recent move to your inner sanctum emphasises the internals rather than the externals so you're taking a look at who you are on the inside. Besides, other people's behaviour is leaving a lot to be desired in the early part of the week. You would rather retreat into your personal ashram.

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