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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


As Mercury slows down for its retrograde beginning next weekend you're aware that things are taking longer than usual. People seem distracted or uncertain and there's a need to gather more information. Wednesday's totally eclipsed Full Moon gives you a strong push towards your own priorities which prompts you to put anything else on the back burner.


You're not in the mood to take any risks with Mercury retrograde flagging up what feels iffy. Naturally your tendency is to conserve and preserve so that you are able to stand firm when conditions are challenging. A pressing financial matter needs to be dealt with mid-week so that you can settle into the peace of mind you seek.


You're in the midst of a twin-set of eclipses that power you into a dynamic couple of weeks. It's likely that a significant other is becoming higher impact midweek with the total lunar eclipse in the relationship angle of your skies. Bearing in mind that Mercury is moving in slo-mo prior to its retrograde next Saturday, give yourself time to think rather than taking immediate action.


A total lunar eclipse is likely to trigger strong emotional responses so it's important to try to put everything into a wider context before going nuclear. Besides which Mercury and Neptune are at odds with the illusory planet Neptune so you may only be hearing one side of the story at the moment. Time will tell. In fact, just a few weeks could alter the picture entirely.


A dramatic edge accompanies the totally eclipsed Full Moon this week. Yet when it comes to handling grand displays, you're the master of ceremonies. In fact this could turn out to be one of your greatest breakthroughs as your positive energy shines through even when others are displaying their weak points.


Be quietly confident in your own abilities even when the outside world is hard to comprehend. Put it down to Mercury's approaching retrograde and the total lunar eclipse which gives a bird's eye view of the dark side. However taking a look at the worst case scenario doesn't mean it's going to happen. It's for you to evaluate.


You're not one who has a problem with putting things on hold as you, more than most signs, appreciate that timing is everything. A blast of cosmic energy is being downloaded care of the total lunar eclipse on Wednesday which intensifies what's going on. You need some space and room to breathe, so don't be rushed into decisions that can wait.


What appears to be a very big deal, financial or otherwise may be looming especially large at eclipse time. For some Scorpios this could represent an important transaction or negotiation. Yet it takes all your powers of x-ray vision to see deep into what's really there. It's your job to extract the truth from the fluff and commentary.


Call it karma but you're witnessing something that has gone around, come around. Put it down to the total eclipse in your own sign falling so close to the destiny point of the south node. Therefore whatever you're feeling or dealing with has its roots in the past, perhaps even as long as 19 years ago which opened a chapter that is now closing.


You find yourself at a point where you're no longer prepared to put up with second best. Therefore decisions taken this week could re-position or separate you from elements that have been dragging on or bringing you down in some way. Taking the graceful position of withdrawal can also have a very powerful effect on a situation.


If you're getting red flags around a person or a project at this time the answer is to stop what you're doing and take a good long look at the reality rather than the dream. It may be that you need to back off for a while or consider things from a different angle. With your Aquarian talent for ingenuity, you could be on the brink of finding a better way.


The uncertainty surrounding Neptune's link to both Mercury and Venus this week may start to make you question the validity of something that started with a lot of promise. Perhaps you just need to give things time. Yet the high impact total lunar eclipse on Wednesday looks set to change the status quo. A release, a relief or a re-think.

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