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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


You have time to capitalise on a golden opportunity this week, particularly as you're such a fast worker. Yet a cosmic mist is descending next weekend so don't leave anything until the last minute. Do what you can to make inroads into the things that willingly come together and know when to let the rest be.


A wonderful link from powerful Pluto to the Sun in Taurus makes you aware of just how far you've come. You're the type who goes in for the long haul, but you have to admit that you've needed all your patience and resilience to stand the course. You're coming through now - wiser for it and stronger.


Thursday begins the Sun in Gemini journey which powers you up like a battery re-charge. This enhances your capacity to light up any room. Besides which you're feeling strongly connected to those people who really matter to you. However, keep an eye for the cosmic mist gathering on the horizon which signals Mercury retrograde and build up lots of wiggle room for your best laid plans.


What's of true value to you now in close personal relationships has no doubt evolved enormously over the challenging Covid period. You believe in true connection. Your pincers can sniff fake news in an instant, which is just as well given that Mercury's clash with Neptune is bound to offer up some mysterious tales from Sunday.


You tend to do your best when you're overcoming a challenge as that's when your fire kicks in. Therefore everyone can see that you've made a go of something that would have floored someone with less personal pzzaz than you. It's time to celebrate. Yet the cosmos in its continual re-calibration is moving onto its next trick. Keep your wits about you.


Whilst all looks relatively calm this week, you need to know that a major adjustment will need to be made as you head into Mercury's retrograde and clash with Neptune. Not that everything will unravel. But you may make a choice to stand back for a while until you're absolutely sure that you know what's what.


No matter how much you try to balance those scales of yours, there are inevitable ups and downs in a cosmic climate like this which by turns feeds you with reassuring energy and then upsets the status quo. However, it's only by managing to maintain balance no matter what's going on that you become a true master of your own destiny.


It's heartening that there are those who are more than willing to give you their support and genuinely wish you success and the best. This is one week to bind those ties stronger. As you head into eclipse season late May and a swirling mass of Mercury retrograde tune into the power of your inner spirit so that nothing and no-one can take the shine off you.


Knowing whom you can count on is important so don't fight shy of confirming those connections. In so many ways you are stronger together. Yet Mercury is slowing to a standstill soon and subject to the confusion of a clash with Neptune. Besides which the upcoming total eclipse in your sign is a powerful agent for change. Greet it all with your famous Sagittarian smile.


Call it common sense, but you absolutely know why certain people act as they do and how to make those moves that offer you a safe place. Pretty soon an area of unfinished business is going to raise its head again and you need to carve out some down-time in order to deal with it. For now, you're one step ahead of the game as you read this situation correctly a long time ago.


Not for the first time do you find yourself enjoying a period of change that others struggle to navigate. Perhaps you have a more avant garde perspective than most. Maybe you travel lighter and are less attached to the ways things used to be. With this in mind you could dispel some of the anxiety in the atmosphere by simply being you and demonstrating the law of least resistance.


It's not long since Jupiter's entry into your sign signalled a developing story that has the hallmarks of a great chapter in your life. Yet Neptune's domicile in your own sign makes you aware of the importance of treading carefully, reading the signs and signals and trusting your own intuition. Of course you can't be exempt from circumstances beyond your control. But you can handle them gracefully.

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