Your horoscope for the week ahead: 7 to 13 February

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


You're a natural high flier yet you can zoom even higher with this week's stunning link between Mars and supersonic Uranus. Your breakthrough moment is here. Use the leverage to close a negotiation or confirm a decision on Friday – it's time!


Do you possess absolute faith in your ability to create what you really want? If you fixate on recent stumbling blocks then this becomes your reality. Try positioning your thinking in an abundant place where everything is possible. Really the only thing stopping you at this point is yourself.


Mercury's proximity to Pluto, planet of power and transformation, urges you to get beyond the surface level of what's going on and say something that really hits the spot. This is not a war of words, it's an exchange that cuts through anything that isn't the absolute truth.


Whatever has gone on between you there's a time to move towards resolution in a relationship. Here comes Mercury and Pluto to put everything in perspective. A chance to cosmically exfoliate all that needs to be got rid of to reveal something beautiful underneath! Give it a try.


If things have gone a little dark there's no other sign like a Leo with the capability of spreading the light. In fact you might want to gently let someone know that dwelling on the past is counter-productive and the smart thing is to change the way you deal with things.


As Mercury comes up to the 'big cleanse' aspect with Pluto you need to scrape away all the barnacles that have attached themselves to a dialogue. There can be a way forward that re-positions both of you without it turning into a psycho-drama. Be the voice of reason and common sense.


A financial package or conclusion of what's been outstanding leaves you free to pursue new options. You've been waiting for this day so there are no excuses for indecision. Yet old patterns can be hard to break and you need to release yourself from your own fears or doubts in order to be your best self.


If you've been pondering as to the rights and wrongs of pursuing a particular topic, this week's intense meeting between Mercury and Pluto gives you a deep inner knowing. Whatever it is you've been keeping inside is making its way to the surface. Not as an emotional outburst, but as stunningly important perception.


For a while you've known that with some people it's all about politics and control. Perhaps this is why you've given certain subjects a wide berth all the while hoping they would resolve themselves. However, you have a great opportunity to pull off something of a master-stroke with the right words.


Few people realise that you do struggle with certain issues without necessarily making a big fuss. It's not your style to show off cracks in your armour. Yet, the time has come to resolve something by having a word with those concerned. Be your calm and collected self and present the facts, clear and simple.


You're not one for getting into heavy conversations or dwelling on the past. You feel life is too short for raking over the coals. Break the deadlock and come up with some alternatives that others have never considered. A change of perception can induce a miracle that relegates an old drama to the back catalogue.


For a while now you've noticed a kind of psychic squid ink that's been contaminating the atmosphere, making it impossible to see things clearly. Yet your own light vibration is capable of neutralising any toxicity. Have faith in your own power to change the topic of conversation and re-focus energy on what feels good.

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