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Your horoscope for the week ahead:16th to 22nd January 2023

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
January 16, 2023
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There’s a lot of material to take on board this week, not least because the Sun is close to Pluto, the planet of revelation midweek and Mercury changes direction, opening up the airwaves again. Look forward to Chinese `New Year on Sunday which kick-starts a brand new cycle of people and ideas.


You seem to be at something of a crunch point which requires your particular brand of Taurean practicality. Even the most complicated situations can be dealt with if you stay grounded and real. As the Sun accents your worldly aspirations followed by a New Moon cycle of new beginnings your strategy can make a big difference.


You will see very clearly what is blocking you from making a great step forward and how to eliminate it. This week requires you to go all-in for a long term project, overcoming any funding issues. The trick is to be very sensible, but also very positive. No short cuts – just do what needs to be done.


If there is any form of power play going on in a relationship dynamic this is the moment to transform those areas where you have felt ‘less than’. Re-shape your internal energy and allow your inner strength to surface. Set out your own needs and establish the non- negotiables. You will feel free.


This is a highly significant time that stands to change the shape of how you relate by switching you onto a new track. Whether this is a new person or a different way of dealing with things, or events around someone close to you, there’s a new chapter here. One that requires presence of mind and a willingness to embrace change.


Although Mercury will move forward again from Wednesday, this week requires a very careful approach. Tensions can arise around a Sun/Pluto union and changes thrust upon you that will ultimately lead to a new order in your world. However, taking things one step at a time is advisable.


You’re not sure whether to batten down the hatches or stage an ultimatum over a situation which arouses strong reactions despite you being a harmony loving Libra. This is not the time to exacerbate an already difficult situation and with Aquarius season starting on Friday you could well find a happy place can be reached without an intervention.


You’re reaching some kind of power point in your life which means you have to show up as a true Scorpio and stop playing small. Sometimes we feel pushed to the place which causes that internal combustion. But it’s safe to assume the time has come to change your story and create something more meaningful.


A financial issue can no longer be ignored and you’re pursuing ways of getting plans and projects off the ground. Certain people are proving provocative or just plain resistant. However, your positive nature will eventually win through causing even the doubters to want to learn more.


The union of Sun and Pluto in your sign midweek is a litmus test for you to assess who holds the power in certain situations. Perhaps people have underestimated your sheer resilience and grounded focus. In which case they may be surprised at how you can vanquish those potholes of negativity and effect a turn-around.


The approach of Aquarius season is already filtering through into your psyche. Switching the light on. Saturday’s New Moon in your sign is the signal for water bearers to initiate a new cycle. Especially as heavy-weight Saturn will finally leave Aquarius in the coming weeks and you’ll be free to move forward as you wish.


Certain people seem to have an agenda you have no wish to be part of. As the Sun sinks low on your horizon it’s time to slip under the radar and inhabit your own inner sanctuary and dream space. Many new energies are beginning to download which will soon calibrate into a new direction.

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