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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 2nd to 8th January 2023

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red debbie frank weekly horoscope
Debbie Frank
3 January 2023
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The presence of uplifting Jupiter in Aries helps to off-set the sluggish pace of Mercury and Mars on a go-slow. Wade through the back-log with a smile on your face and await further celestial instructions. Friday's Full Moon tips your work/life balance into a clearer formulation.


One day at a time has to be your mantra at the moment, since plans are going through a consultation process which engenders several versions. If only were simple! However, you're likely to reach clarity from Friday’s Full Moon letting go of the inessentials and arriving at a winning strategy.


Rather than pushing yourself into a hive of activity as Mars reverses through Gemini you should untangle some loose threads first. Bigger picture plans are inspiring you to aim further ahead. It’s the here and now that requires extra work!


The first Full Moon of 2023 falls in your own sign on Friday night, coinciding with Epiphany which has a revelatory quality in itself. Go gently and allow feelings and views to surface without judgment. There will be plenty of time to process them later.


The entry of harmonious Venus into your opposite sign of Leo is akin to the offering of a celestial olive branch and a sweetener for the month. Even if you can’t see the end-game just yet, retain an open mind and think of how you could let bygones be bygones.


It's tempting to get involved in the hurly burly of this year's plans but it’s likely that these will need to be re-jigged several times in the first half of January whilst Mercury is retrograde. Instead focus on those things that produce a lightness of heart.


Putting yourself under pressure to make big choices this early in the year is a stress factor you don't need. So why not enjoy the presence of amiable Venus in the most playful sector of your skies. Perhaps a mini resolution to make happiness an everyday experience?


What if the magic of 2023 is as simple as releasing what doesn’t contribute to joy? Scorpio you have more choices than you realise and certainly the power to undertake your very own phoenix project which is an inside job as you know.


It's not egotistical to think that one of your main purposes in life is to provide inspiration. If other people are stuck at ground level and you are soaring above then shower them with pictures of the better, bigger view. It would be rude not to!


A Full Moon in the relationship angle of your chart at the end of the week is your chance to be more mindful of what’s going on in your relationship patterns or with a certain person. You are a great sounding board, but do others really appreciate your common sense?


As the glow factor of Venus arrives in Aquarius from Tuesday, there’s a sense of ambient lighting in your life. Even if things are far from perfect, it’s not what happens but how we perceive it that counts. Take hold of savouring the small things.


A Full Moon in the emotionally intelligent sign of Cancer reminds you to connect with your heart and intuition rather than observing what’s happening in a factual way. Pouring more love into your dreams is important at this point.

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