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Mike Tindall reveals who's 'the boss' in his and Zara's relationship

The former rugby player joined friends Alex and James on the House of Rugby podcast

mike and zara tindall
Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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Mike Tindall was reunited once again with his best friends Alex Payne and James Haskett to record the House of Rugby podcast earlier this week, and although the usual topic of conversation is rugby, it soon turned to Mike and Zara Tindall.

"It is nice of you to make it this week Tins, because last week you ducked out at the final hour because…" Alex teased Mike at the beginning of the latest episode, which is the last of the season.

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zara mike© Photo: Instagram

The couple dressed up for Ascot last week

"I was doing some stuff that I had forgotten about around Ascot," he said in his defence.

"Obviously you might have seen we popped up on the TV, we got dressed up in top hats and basically we had a good day at home and possibly we might have had a drink or two so it wouldn't have been wise for me to be on the air," he added.

Not happy with his explanation, his former rugby teammate, James said: "Sorry just a question. You said in the start of this 'I had a few drinks, I didn't think it was a good idea to go on air'. I'm calling [expletive] on that. That's a lie. You just got more money doing Ascot than doing the podcast."

zara and mike kissing© Photo: Getty Images

Mike jokingly admitted that wife Zara is 'the boss'

Calmly explaining the situation whilst confirming who wears the trousers in his marriage, Mike added: "No, I am true professional Hask. It was all Zoom calls and stuff like that that I wasn't going to get out of. If I would have got out of it, my wife would have been very upset with me, so basically the boss reeled me in."

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"Also that new conservatory is not going to pay for itself is it? Let's be honest," James jokingly said, making reference to the new conservatory that the family are building at their Gatcombe Park home.