Germany is the top destination for wellness holidays - here's 8 reasons to visit

In partnership with German National Tourist Board

We could all do with a health holiday right about now, and the top destination that wellness insiders keep flocking to is Germany – and it’s easy to see why.

Considered one of the top wellness and spa destinations, Germany boasts a range of stunning wellbeing resorts, not to mention its 350 spa towns, world-renowned specialists and the healing powers of nature found all over Germany. Here’s eight reasons why Germany should be top of your wellness holiday wishlist...

1. It’s the birthplace of the Kneipp cure

Did you know that a form of hydrotherapy, known as the Kneipp cure – health treatments using cold water – originates in Germany? Pioneered by Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp over 200 years ago, who is said to have healed himself of health problems by bathing in the Danube, it’s now considered one of the top hydrotherapy approaches in the world.

With benefits including improving the immune system, there are various locations around Germany that harness the healing power of the mineral and spring water found around the country.

2. Choose from 350 spa towns to visit

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to where to actually visit in Germany – there are an impressive 350 spa towns, located on mountainsides, by the sea or in the lush, green meadows.

Each spa town has to meet tough criteria to be honoured with the title; each has to have a local remedy, scientifically proven to cure diseases or have a relieving effect on the body, plus a number of facilities available from walking trails to parks. These places go beyond a pampering treat (but that’s available too!)

3. The natural healing powers are INCREDIBLE

We’re well versed in nature being a healer, and Germany is home to some of the most incredible natural remedies. They include mud baths for improving blood circulation; the North Sea climate which is a healer of the immune system, lung and breathing problems; Thalasso treatments with sea water, algae and sand; Heilstollen Therapy using pure air and healing caves to ease allergic reactions and respiratory disorders. 

4. Baden-Baden is a celebrity favourite

A visit to Baden-Baden is a must. Loved by celebrities and A-listers, it’s home to a number of grand hotels and theatres and some of the most elegant dining options in the whole of Germany.

But one of the top reasons wellness seekers flock there is its proximity to the stunning Black Forest. If you want to be at one with nature, this is the place to be – you can hike, bike and get fit while enjoying the unparalleled wellness resorts in the town. Plus Baden-Baden has 800,000L of therapeutic water bubble to the surface every single day.

5. There’s even a ‘Mecca’ for health fanatics

Berchtesgaden Land, the climatic health resort, has been dubbed the ‘Mecca for health fanatics’ and their healing saltwater cave in the salt mine is a must for people suffering from respiratory disorders or allergic outbreaks on their skin. 

6. You can get up close and personal with nature

As well as visiting the spas and specialists, just being in the great outdoors can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Bad Zwischenahn is a great spot for cycling, sailing and surfing, as it’s close to lakes, woods, meadows and the North Sea. It’s also home to a mud spa and salt grotto.

Wiesbaden is located close to the green city of Rhine, with easy access to nature, a thriving cultural itinerary, historic architecture and fine dining – plus, 26 thermal springs.

7. There’s a spa for you – whatever your goals

Germany’s resorts are multi-faceted, and range from medical spas and natural treatment programmes to ‘wellness light’ holidays that focus on healthy eating, outdoor activities (from hiking to forest bathing to yoga) and hotels with amazing spa facilities all rolled into one. So whether you want to heal an ailment or indulge in some well-earned R+R, there’s something for everyone.

8. It’s the best place to live the good life

You can easily combine your health holiday with the chance to enjoy some traditional German cultural experiences, taking in the magnificent architecture and sampling the local cuisine. 

Get inspired about a spa and wellbeing holiday in Germany. For more information, go to German.Spa.Tradition.