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Ralph Lauren unveils Spring collection inspired by classical dance

Ralph Lauren transformed the second floor of his women's store in the beautiful Madison Avenue Mansion into an intimate salon last weekend when he staged his catwalk show.

With white roses and pink peonies oozing a distinct feel of spring, the design maestro unveiled his Resort collection – offerings inspired by classical dance.

Speaking backstage, Ralph revealed he wanted to make a "very simple, chic statement. The delicacy is very important. Everything is light, so she could be wearing it in the fall, she could be wearing it in the spring."

This was reflected in the colour palette of black, white, lavender and pink. Scroll down for the full gallery of pictures.

Prints also featured in the collection, with monochrome geometric patterns standing out 

The theme of classical dance came through in delicate designs including pleated skirts and tight leotards 

A wealth of different materials, including silk, chiffon and leather, made for a cutting-edge collection 

This fluidity was counteracted with a series of adrogynous pieces such as tailored jackets and straight trousers 

Black also played a part, while sheer materials added a touch of sensuality 

There were plenty of LBDs to choose from 

The basis of the collection was neutral tones, but pastel colours were also incoropated in mauve and pink 


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