Alex Jones shared a sweet photo of her son Teddy and he's growing up so fast

He won't be an only child much longer...

Alex Jones shared an absolutely adorable photo of her son Teddy on Instagram on Saturday, showing that he's gone from a baby to a little boy, and has a gorgeous thick head of hair just like his mum. It might not seem like two minutes since she announced her pregnancy on Twitter, but the presenter of The One Show gave birth to Teddy on 26 January 2017 and is notoriously private about sharing photos, preferring to show behind-the-scenes snapshots with celebrities or photos of her most stylish outfits. But sometimes she treats fans to a glimpse of her family album and even with her son's face hidden for privacy, it's clear what a proud mum she is.

The TV star gave birth to Teddy in January 2017

The star captioned the sweet snap "My absolute [world],” using the earth emoji for the last word. It shows her and Teddy hand in hand as they walk toward a vintage train, which one of her followers suggests might be the Day Out With Thomas attraction in Llangollen, Wales. Other commenters left well wishes referring to the fact that Alex is now pregnant with her second child and just a few weeks from giving birth. 

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She announced her current pregnancy live on the show in December 2018 and it was especially happy news because she and her husband Charlie Thomson, who she married in 2015, had previously suffered a miscarriage. The star admitted in an interview with podcast I See What You’re Saying that becoming a mother made her nervous and that those fears didn’t ease when she got pregnant again. “Pregnancy for any woman is a period of excitement, also slightly terrifying as you don’t know what to expect. Even with your second it’s like, ‘How am I going to do two’?” She said.

Alex is pregnant with baby number two 

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At least this time round she knows what to expect. She became pregnant shortly before turning 40 and wrote a book about the experience, Winging It! Parenting in the Middle of Life which she said on Twitter talks about “all the grim bits as well as the good stuff”. As well as turning to her book if she needs to, hopefully, her mum will also be on hand to help. The presenter says she was invaluable last time round. “I don’t know how we would have done it without her,” she confessed. 

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