Victoria Beckham shares topless photo of David enjoying his new hobby – see pic

That's dedication!

David Beckham might have retired from football, but he clearly has other talents – and a unique way of showcasing them, as his wife Victoria's Instagram account proves. The fashion designer posted a photo to her stories in the early hours of Sunday morning, which showed her husband hard at work on a large LEGO structure. Perhaps he was distracted on his way to bed, or perhaps the Beckhams keep a warm house, but he appeared to be doing so topless.

David seemed absorbed in his new pastime

Strangely, though, the former Spice Girl didn't mention her husband's state of undress. She was much more focused on how much time he was spending on his new hobby. She captioned the photo: "FFS... It is 00.18am and he is still up building this LEGO!! Been building ALL day!! X."

Later in the morning, Victoria updated her story with more video clips and photos, which showed that David was working on what looked like a Harry Potter LEGO castle. "He is at it again... This castle is ruining my life now!" she captioned the first. Next, she posted a clip showing a now-clothed David in a white T-shirt and orange knit hat, concentrating on following a book of instructions which was laid out on the table in front of him.

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Victoria narrated the scene she had come across. "So, it's 9.45, he was up till 3.30 on his castle. How many bags left, David?" She asked, referring to the amount of LEGO still left to assemble. "Ten," he said not looking up. "Ten bags left," Victoria sighed.

Victoria enjoys teasing her husband on social media

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She then posted another photo of the castle from another angle which she captioned: "Daddy and daughter day building LEGO again!!!!" Although Harper wasn't visible, the couple's youngest child obviously enjoys spending time with both her parents. The eight-year-old celebrated her birthday with her family in July and their trips this summer have included Italy and the South of France. She also attended the Women's World Cup with her dad earlier this year and Victoria shared details of her and Harper's "Mummy and daughter spa day" to her Instagram last month.

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