Ruth Langsford left embarrassed as she is interrupted whilst filming a video in a lift -VIDEO

The This Morning presenter was on her way to film QVC

Andrea Caamano

Ruth Langsford was in for a surprise on Thursday afternoon as she was interrupted whilst filming a video for her Instagram followers.

Whilst riding the lift to the QVC studios, where she was joining Jackie Kabler for her weekly edit show, Ruth was interrupted by a man who also wanted to ride the lift, making the presenter cut short her enthusiastic clip to fans.

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"Hello, back at QVC tonight. I have another edit show. Eight to nine with Jackie, hope you can join us. And this is my new T-shirt, which is coming soon. My logo T-shirt," she was telling fans whilst filming herself in the lift's mirror.

Her message was cut short, however, as the doors opened and a man tried to get in, before noticing that Ruth was filming herself and quickly hiding. "Oh there is a nice man coming in the lift! Hello! See ya!" Ruth quickly said, as she laughed off the moment.

"Oh, videobombed again Ruth! Brilliant! Have a fab show, I'll be watching," said a fan. Another one wrote: "Can't wait to watch!! You always make me smile!!"

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A third one remarked: "Loveee your T-shirt and jacket I'll be watching u and your hubby on this morning tomorrow and also I will be watching you on Googlebox can't wait my Friday morning and night is sorted."


Ruth and Eamonn will appear on Celebrity Gogglebox on Friday night

Ruth and husband Eamonn are taking part in Celebrity Gogglebox, which airs on Friday nights. Last week, however, after the airing of the first episode, Eamonn was left upset after the producers made him look like a "panto villain" for showing him joking following a harrowing moment from the BBC series Ambulance.

Thankfully, all was well between the show and the couple on Saturday night, after Channel 4 issued an apology. They wrote: "We have apologised to Eamonn over what happened in this week's episode. We understand and respect Eamonn's feelings on such a deeply personal story. We have taken the decision to edit the episode for future repeats and All4. We look forward to working with Eamonn and Ruth for the rest of the series."

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