Charles Spencer shares never-before-seen mysterious family photo

Princess Diana's brother posted the snap on Twitter

Charles Spencer spooked his fans on Friday after sharing a mysterious never-before-seen family photo.

Princess Diana's brother revealed he was reminiscing and flicking through an old family photo album when he stumbled across the picture of an unknown little girl.

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"Just found this image in a 19th century family album, kept by a great-great aunt at @AlthorpHouse - sadly, the little girl isn’t named," he captioned the snap on Twitter.

The unidentified girl sparked a lot of curiosity among his followers, with some pleading with Charles to do some digging to uncover her identity. "Oh, now don't you just HAVE to find out who she is? It would be a mystery I'd have to solve. Very beautiful," commented one intrigued fan.

Charles Spencer shared this mysterious family photo on Twitter

Others were blown away by the beauty of the child, with one writing: "She looks like a delicate, porcelain doll." Another said: "Exquisite photo."

While some fans saw a strong family resemblance to Charles' late sister, Princess Diana. "Think she looks a little like Princess Diana," said one. With another adding: "She certainly has a look of your sister, Princess Diana."

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Charles Spencer often shares glimpses at the impressive grounds of his property

Charles often delights his fans with glimpses into his life at Althorp House. He frequently shares images of the beautiful gardens that surround it, but on Thursday he revealed the shocking aftermath a storm had on the grounds.

Sharing a video on Twitter of a large number of broken tree branches and trunks scattered across the spacious grounds, the 56-year-old captioned the clip: "Big storm last night - an awful lot of debris wherever I look."

Fans were quick to comment on the damage, with one writing: "Can’t like this message! Good luck cleaning up and let’s hope further damage will not take place!" Another wrote: "Wow! A very dangerous storm by the looks of it!" A third added: "How awful. Hope no one was hurt."

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