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Lorraine Kelly reveals how pet dog Angus saved her in lockdown as she celebrates his birthday

Happy third birthday to Angus!

lorraine kelly dog
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Lorraine Kelly has a very special reason to celebrate this weekend. It's her pet dog Angus' third birthday! And while the festivities may be slightly more muted this year, that hasn't stopped Lorraine from sharing some wonderful words about her beloved pooch.

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Read her HELLO! column below as the presenter describes how Angus helped keep her sane in lockdown…

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Angus celebrates his third birthday this weekend. I honestly can't imagine what life was like before our little border terrier became part of the family.

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On his first birthday we had a big celebration for him in the studio and made a tremendous fuss, and last year he had a party with his friends at Pawz and Bonez the local doggy daycare centre.

lorraine kelly pet dog angus birthday

Angus at his birthday party last year

This year will be a bit quieter obviously, but we do have a "cake" and I've got him some new squeaky piggy toys which will probably be destroyed in about thirty seconds. Even dog toys that are supposed to be Rottweiler proof don't last very long once Angus gets a hold of them.

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lorraine kelly pet dog angus studio

Angus on his first birthday in the Lorraine studios

I've said it before but I honestly don't know how I would have got through this whole pandemic without my Angus. Being able to take him out for a walk during lockdown in the Spring and Summer saved my sanity. It was a chance to get some fresh air and at least to say a "social distanced" hello to fellow dog walkers.

When I get home from work in the afternoon, he is always there to meet me at the door with the most enthusiastic welcome that makes me feel really loved and lifts my spirits.

lorraine kelly pet dog angus

At three years old he is still a bit puppy like

He's such a wee character and very, very funny. It's just lovely to have another heartbeat in the house and taking care of him takes my mind off these tough times.

At three years old he is still a bit puppy like and he often has an attack of the "zoomies" where he runs around the fields at top speed in ever decreasing circles. It's hilarious. He likes to argue with swans, roll into the muddiest puddle he can find, play with other dogs and basically just be utterly adorable.

lorraine kelly pet dog angus and friends

Angus with his fellow four-legged pals

Happy third birthday ANGUS and hopefully next year we can have a proper celebration for you and all of your pals.

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