Stacey Dooley shares rare photo of her mum – and they're two peas in a pod!

Mother and daughter share a very close bond

Gemma Strong

Stacey Dooley has taken to Instagram to celebrate her mum's birthday – and it's clear the pair share the same joie de vivre! The Strictly winner shared a series of four black-and-white photo showing mother and daughter posing nose-to-nose, a huge smile across Stacey's face.

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"Happy birthday you maniac," the 33-year-old captioned her post. "Love you girl."

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Stacey has a very close relationship with her mum. Di raised Stacey as a single parent in Luton, and instilled in her daughter a drive to succeed. "I've always had a decent work ethic, probably because of my mother, when it was just her and me," Stacey previously revealed in an interview with the Guardian.

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"She just worked so hard. She'd get up at silly o'clock, clean her pal's house, then do her day job, then work in pubs at night."


A post shared by Stacey Dooley (@sjdooley)

Stacey shared a happy birthday tribute to her mum on Instagram

Stacey's biological father was not a part of her life – he had a drink problem, and left the family when Stacey was just two. He passed away when Stacey was in her 20s, before the pair had the chance to reconcile.

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Diana previously spoke to the Mirror about Stacey's childhood, stating: "There was never a bond between Stacey and her dad. The circumstances prevented it.


Di raised Stacey as a single mum after her father left

"He was only living with her and me until she was two and a half. It wasn't until she was nine that she saw him again.

"He came back for the occasional wedding or family occasion. When he tried to come back in her life in a more meaningful way when she was aged 13 it was too late for them to reconcile."

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Speaking about his death, Di added: "She was sad because it was a lost opportunity."


The pair have an incredibly close relationship

Stacey had a happy childhood, however. Her mother later met her partner, Norman. Together, they welcomed a child together, Stacey's younger sister, and both girls acted as bridesmaids at the couple's wedding.

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